Is my bird being aggressive or just curious?


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Nov 3, 2021
I got my bird a couple weeks ago, he’s a male cockatiel. I’ve been taking things slow and training him at his pace. This week I’ve been trying step up training because I want him to come out the cage but I’m scared he won’t come back to me when I do. I put my finger near him but not to close and hold some millet in the other hand to lure him, he flies onto my hand fine and will quite happily sit there but for some reason he starts to try and nibble me, it’s not a proper bite and it doesn’t hurt but it’s like he’s trying to bite me and he does it very quickly it’s almost like he gets a random burst of energy and then try’s to bite me. Do you think he is being aggressive towards me? I just don’t know what he’s doing.


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Apr 19, 2021
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Hello and welcome!!!

If it as a random burst like hitting with the beak, keeping the beak open and growling - could be agression, very likely. Cockatiels are simply weird like that, they will complain pretty much about anything :D. It's funny if he's sitting on your hand but angry that your hand is there! Put him down and no treats. It is possible he just wants you to give him millet. Simply put - while he is sitting happily, let him nibble on the millet. As soon he starts fencing with your hand, put him down and come back again in 10-15 minutes with more millet and try again. During the time out don't even talk to him, after a while he should understand that biting/fencing is a no go, and that he will not get the yummy millet!

Good luck with your new feathery friend!!

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