Love bird went out of cage while outside

Dylan Longman

Nov 2, 2022
Today I came home from school and checked up on my parrot outside and saw that the door was open he and was not in his cage. I looked straight and saw him sitting on a rose plant, and I'm really thankful that he hadn't flown any further. He is safe now, but I only realized 2 minutes later to how bad this was and could've been. The reason to him escaping is because the cage is cheap and not reliable. Next time I will use a pad lock and wait for the new higher quality cage to arrive with a lock on the door. I really don't want this to happen again so I would like to prevent it at all costs. Does anyone have any advice for me to stop this from happening again? Also, my parrot doesn't trust anyone else's hands besides mine and I would really like him to do so. Does anyone have advice for this as well?


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Nov 22, 2015
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You are indeed lucky he dd not fly away on you. My BeeBee parrot learned how to open his cage, also a very cheap one. We replaced it with a good quality, larger one. Sadly, he passed away and now my Amazon Salty lives in it.

One way is to socialize the parrot to other members of the family. You can play 'hot potato' with your family and the parrot, each member holding him for a minute or 2, with a treat and then passing him to the next person. A good nightly activity for you and the parrot.

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