Lovebird refuses to return to cage


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Aug 1, 2022
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Hi, my tamed 5 months old lovebird, Bibi, is refusing to go back to his (not sure of gender) cage even with treats. Some background info: he is on Zupreem natural, gets about 3 to 4 hours of outside cage time, I rotate his toys and cage layout once a week. He used to willingly walk back into his cage when I put treats inside, but recently he feels that outside time is way more better then treats and will ignore any treats placed inside the cage.

I read some previous forums on getting your bird back in the cage but its mostly with food and it doesnt work on him anymore... :(

I tried withholding treats by only giving him during training and once in a while when he is in the cage (more positive association inside the cage). It worked for a few days and then he reverted back to ignoring treats in cage when outside. I feel that closing the cage when he goes in for a drink is a bit mean..... so i rather not....

Any ideas are appreciated!



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Jul 10, 2015
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Try moving the food and water, plus treats inside of the cage only. The time out of the cage is a bit short IMHO. Consider longer time out of the cage.


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Apr 12, 2022
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He needs more time out of the cage, more like 6-8 hours out. He doesn't constantly have to be with you, have you got a parrot stand or a playgym? Both are good options for when you want your bird out and included, but not standing right on your hand.
He may have associated treats with going back in the cage and is protesting. I would give him some more out of the cage time.

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