lovebird behaviour

  1. N

    4 week old lovebird don't cry for food

    I am handfeeding 4 week old lovebird don't cry for food. I am taking care of my baby for 4 days. He/she never chirps and never cry for food even when he is hungry. İs it normal? He/she lets me pet him but never chirps.
  2. J

    Lovebird refuses to return to cage

    Hi, my tamed 5 months old lovebird, Bibi, is refusing to go back to his (not sure of gender) cage even with treats. Some background info: he is on Zupreem natural, gets about 3 to 4 hours of outside cage time, I rotate his toys and cage layout once a week. He used to willingly walk back into his...
  3. I

    My lovebird is just too scared

    Hello! I hope you’re having a good day. Alright so I’m new lovebird owner I know absolutely adore and Love mine. I got it about 2 weeks ago from a bird store. First of all, they weren’t treating the poor guy well there, and they were keeping Like 20 of them in one small cage and grabbed them...
  4. I

    Experience raising 2 lovebird babys as a beginner with ParrotForums

    help please.. I have a baby lovebird she is around 1 month old her name is kiko. she used to be very active but now she can't even flap her wings well. she lost her appetite. her poop is usually very healthy. she can't even walk well now :( what can cause this??
  5. fiftyshadesofgraevy

    Help!! Constantly screeching Lovebird!! I can't take it anymore!!

    Hi. I adopted my lovebird Graevy at just a couple weeks old. I hand fed her bird formula and had her with me all the time. After a year or so she started to get hormonal, lay eggs and became overly aggressive. She was biting very painfully and so started spending more and more time in her...
  6. Buzz

    Lovebird issues, advice dearly requested

    Hi all, Thanks for welcoming us to the community! My daughter has Lovebirds and from the last clutch took the two eldest at 7 weeks. All was wonderful for about 2 weeks, both seem to love her, cuddle her, let her feed them, etc. Also happy to interact with others, though my daughter was...