lovebird behavior

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    Help! 1 person bird or hormonal?

    Hello! I need some help. I've had cockatiels since 2019 but in ~June 2022 a friend found a Lovebird on the street, lost, and with red suffusion. My friend doesn't want birds but I told him to bring him to me so I could take care of the bird at least until it was healthy, because I couldn't let...
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    HELP! My lovebird lost weight and stays near the stove.

    Hello. I have a rosy-faced lovebird. He is around one and a half years old. My bird is hand-trained, was in good health and had a very good appetite. It's been a month that he eats less than usual and i have newly noticed that he has lost a lot of weight. He is still active but more aggressive...
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    Lovebird refuses to return to cage

    Hi, my tamed 5 months old lovebird, Bibi, is refusing to go back to his (not sure of gender) cage even with treats. Some background info: he is on Zupreem natural, gets about 3 to 4 hours of outside cage time, I rotate his toys and cage layout once a week. He used to willingly walk back into his...
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    Lovebird clicking noise and tail vibrating (or bobbing im unsure)

    Hello! Does anyone know why my lovebird is doing this? Is this just a behavioural thing or does he have an illness? His tail moves up and down very fast like it’s vibrating and he would make clicking noises. He acts normal and is very active! Any thoughts? Thanks :)
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    My lovebird is just too scared

    Hello! I hope you’re having a good day. Alright so I’m new lovebird owner I know absolutely adore and Love mine. I got it about 2 weeks ago from a bird store. First of all, they weren’t treating the poor guy well there, and they were keeping Like 20 of them in one small cage and grabbed them...
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    2 month and half lovebird care

    Hello everyone, I just had my Lovebird from the breeder, he told me it is 2 months and half, but until now she can't eat the seeds. It is lazy a little bit, she doesn't drink water I have to give her water with syringe, is it normal? When can I give her bath? How often should I feed her the...
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    HELP! My lovebird has changed completely in attitude

    Hello stranger! Thank you so much for reading and helping me out. About him/her (Sterling): 3 months old, hand raised by another person. Previous owner mentioned he was probably going through pavaporni, or the rebellious teenager face of lovebirds. He was used to being out of his cage all day...
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    Help wanted!!

    Hi guys! 4 days ago i bought a turquoise lovebird from a breeder. First of all can you help me determine her age since the breeder was unsure. Now to proceed with my concerns. To start it off she was very happy and exploring her cage when we got her. The next day she was flying out of the cage...
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    Love Bird Siblings help

    Hello! I have looked all over for more information on love birds and while a lot of it has been helpful I would love to hear from real people about a concern I have. I have two young lovebird siblings named Zuko and Azula. I'm not exactly sure of their age (or gender) but I was told they were...
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    Lovebird hates going inside cage

    I have a hand-fed, hand tamed lovebird who was born in my aviary. I take her out every day and keep her with me for 2-3 hours. However, when I try to put her back in the cage she becomes desperate not to go in it. She hates being inside the cage during day and night. When inside she is always...
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    Buying a cage for two not so friendly Lovebirds

    Hi everyone. A bit of background I am a new Bird Parent. Rescued two lovebirds from family because of the way the were being kept. Rescued Kiwi a month or two back and Jojo last week. i dont have any knowledge on birds and i honestly dont have a lot of time. I work 12 hours a day. But i am...
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    Suggestions on new bird.

    Currently I own a lovebird just over one year, I got him when ha was 7 months, he’s quite nippy and stubborn. Lately I have been thinking to get another bird, i’m looking to get an affectionate bird, Who is talkative but not extremely loud. I have been thinking about getting a Sun Conure or an...
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    My lovebirds behaviours changed

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, hope you guys can help me out. :51: I own two lovebirds. Rocky has always been at the top of the pecking order. Paapi below or equal too him. The last few days I’ve noticed both of them rubbing their beak on the cage bars and chewing them as if wanting to...
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    I switched my male lovebirds mate and he attacks her

    So my male Lovebirds original mate is quite a messy female and always throws her food and water around. Not to mention, she was very aggressive. What I ended up doing was introduce another, more docile female to him but he attacks her when she gets near him. I am 100% sure of their genders...
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    One of my lovebirds died

    Hello everyone in the forum, I'm new here and happy to meet all of you. Unfortunately I'm looking for some very serious advice, yesterday afternoon one of my lovebirds had passed away all of a sudden. She was always with her siblin, I know that even if they are siblings they form a very tight...
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    Strange symptom? Occasional twitch. Lovebird

    Our lovebird has developed a small twitch once or twice a minute, he twists/twitches his little body to his right, and peeps. Has anyone seen a symptom like this?
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    Love bird taming

    Hi guys I'm new to bird keeping, but I saw a pair of love birds 12 weeks old and fell in love. Anyway, I have been looking for a while for a almost 'model' of taming a pair of love birds. (most seem to be directed at a single bird). I have had them coming up to 3 weeks now and I'm making...
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    Lovebird Help!

    Hello everyone! I've recently gotten a new lovebird which I've had for about 5 days. The bird is of course afraid and skittish and is scared of my hands. Although the bird is not afraid to take treats from my hand, they will reconsider if they have to step on my fingers to reach them first :o ...
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    Possible injury? 7 mo. old untamed lovebird

    Hi everyone! I'm the new mom of an untamed peach-faced lovebird who is around 7 months old for about 1 month now. He has his wings clipped but out of cage will usually attempt to fly from surface to surface in my bedroom every once in awhile, usually without issue for short distances. 2 days...
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    How do I tame my parrots?

    My parents adopted two parrots about an year ago, a green cheeked conure and a peach faced lovebird. They are kept in an open enclosure in our living room and are allowed to fly around our house. Several people have told us it would take a while for them to settle down but that eventually they'd...