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Jun 27, 2005
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Swansions Blue Mountain Lorikeet Named Indygo.
Beak Appetit and loves it. Everytime she hears that microwave she goes insane.... reguardless if it's her food in there or not!
I have been meaning to try some, but I keep forgeting on getting some when I go to petsmart!

What else to Lorys eat. I know they have a special nectare based diet, but I would love to know more and get some conversation going in here
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Lory Nectur/Powder (Lory Life). And lots of fruits. They have a long tongue with a feather brush looking thing on the end. The use it in the wild to get the nectur out of flowers. They have such a sweet diet that they smell like fruit loops!

Skittles :bunny7:
Bucc won't eat any treats like that, unless I cook some myself and its made up of human food. I'll have to go through some of my recipes and get them posted here, It would be nice to get some conversations going, come on guys get posting, even if its only 1 a day!!!!

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