My poor Kyoto has abnormal poop :(


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Mar 18, 2015
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Hi everyone,
I just need a shoulder really. I feel so terrible. Kyo has had a few loose, red (due to her fruit zupreem intake) stools the past 24 hours, and all of the vets are closed today. She is otherwise energetic and feeling good, but I am so worried. I've called and left messages at all 3 avian vets in my city and I'm just praying that one of them can take a look at her tomorrow. She had an appointment for a check up last week and they cancelled it on me, and the soonest I could get in is Wednesday… I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can sneak her in tomorrow given the situation.

Oddly, her morning poop today and yesterday, as well as most of her other droppings were both completely normal. I took out a treat stick that I had in her cage to keep her busy, just in case that was the culprit, but no change this morning. I tried feeding her some apple last night and gave her a break from the mango/kale/broccoli I had been feeding her as well. She has been eating well, and seems to be drinking normally. She had two of these poops yesterday and two this morning (after her big morning bomb).

Do you think she'll be okay if none of the vets can see her until Wednesday (worst case scenario)? I am so so worried :(
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I'm so sorry to hear that your Kyo has you so worried. :(

You did the right thing by calling the vets and leaving messages. Fingers crossed someone can get you in earlier than Wednesday.

As long as she's acting 'normally', eating, drinking, playing, etc, I wouldn't be too overly concerned. Will she eat Zupreem Natural? The Zupreem Fruit blend can cause some funky looking stools due to the coloring that is used. And fruits can cause watery stools. Do you have millet? If you do, try offering that to Kyo and see if her poop looks better afterwards. :)

Please keep us posted.
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She mostly eats Roudybush with just a few fruit blend, which is why I'm so worried. At work but have my hubby home keepin an eye on her.
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An update:
She had two runny poops while I was at work. I came home and we took her out to play/train, and she had multiple squirty bouts of just clear liquid. I've given her millet and she has kale + red pepper for fresh food tonight. She did not eat as much today as she did yesterday, but she was eating when I put her back in her cage and came downstairs for my own dinner.

Going back up to check on her and check for normal poop in another hour.

THANKS SO MUCH for the advise.
Being new to birds these threads are very informative for me as I don't have a gauge for 'normal'. Some of Quinn's poops are very green (from the green beans he loves so much I'm assuming) and will leave a watery impression on the paper on the bottom of the cage. Most of his poops I can just pick up with a tissue though. They aren't hard, but firm enough that I can carefully pick them up without squishing them into the carpet or clothing. I'm curious what could be causing your bird's liquidy droppings.
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Sherry, your bird's poop sounds 100% normal and healthy. I will keep you posted when I find out what is going on with Kyo. Im hoping so much that it's nothing serious :( I feel so bad for her.
I believe you have good reason to be concerned. Something just sounds 'off'. Clear squirty poops are definitely not normal.
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In the meantime before getting her into the vet, what can I do to help her? I've given her millet and it seems to have made it a bit more solid tonight, but still not how it should be. Should I not feed veggies tomorrow? Should I give her more seed in her feed? Sorry for all the questions… just so worried about my poor girl.

She made me happy tonight after a whole day at work worried. She played with me tirelessly and even started to explore the floor while I was cleaning her cage. She went back in on her own for the first time, and she ate a few pellets before crawling into her tent. This is how she tells me when she is ready for bed, and I'm pretty sure I heard a little "Kyo" shrieked from inside her sleepy tent during her goodnight song. Fingers crossed that I can get her into the vet soon.

Thanks for keeping me sane through all my worries.
BRAT until she sees the vet (that's bananas, rice, apples and toast). Those foods are easy on the tummy and provide adequate short-term nutrition. She may just have a little tummy bug, but definitely worth having checked out. Hope she's ok!
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We've got her an appointment tonight! I am so happy. Thanks everyone.
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Vet gave her a clean bill of health and thinks its just her fresh foods and nerves of being in a new home. I brought a morning poop sample and everything. She tried to talk me into buying Harrison's but I'm sticking with Roudybush for now.

I'm so relieved.

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