Nacho is regressing... any advice?


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Oct 28, 2014
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I adopted Nacho, an almost 7 year old Sun Conure, a little over two weeks ago.

When I brought him home, he was extremely nippy, especially when trying to get him off your shoulder. I have another post about this elsewhere but I'll try to keep it a short story. Nacho would screech and bite if you attempted to get him off your shoulder, so I have been working with him regarding this and he is GREATLY improved. Almost 100% of the time he steps down nicely when you ask.

This is not the problem, however. He has, over the last several days, been less and less inclined to come out of his cage.

He wants my company, he calls for me and cries out when I leave, but he won't come out of the cage. I'm not going to try to force him, but if I reach in to offer a step-up, he screeches and lunges. I understand, it's his territory and if he doesn't want to come out, I'm not about to "make him". He's not territorial about any objects in the cage, I can touch whatever I want without him becoming upset.

He normally comes over and perches on the cage door frame, which is when I offer a step-up... but I can only get him to do it if I offer a treat. Then I can usually keep him out for a little bit, but not too far from his cage or he will fly right back. Sometimes when he is out and seemingly enjoying himself, some unknown object will frighten him and he will screech and want back in his cage. There are no new objects in his room from when he moved in (aside from the cage itself) and nothing is ever moving or creating noise. It's like he sees a ghost :eek:

Any suggestions on getting him to want to come out more? Or any ideas as to what could be spooking him or making him want to go back to his cage? He was much more outgoing and social when we first brought him home.

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