Nervous for Blood Testing


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Aug 13, 2023
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Hello all! My 3 year old GCC Aps vomited last week (to me out of the blue, but I know they hide everything really well). She was acting normal, eating and drinking, poops were normal and she weighed the same. In the evening before bed time she vomited all her food, until it was water. She would drink more water, then vomit that out. After keeping her warm (she really wanted cuddles), I placed her in her carrier and watched her sleep the night. She was perched up, never on the bottom.
I made an appointment that morning, and the vet detected a bacterial infection from gram stain and crop wash. She stayed 2 nights for fluid treatment as well as she lost 4 grams. Her x-rays showed an inflammation near stomach in one view. They think it might be kidney or liver issues.

She is home with me now taking antibiotics (augmentin) and she is bright again.

She has a check up appointment for a blood test and I’m nervous. How was your bird afterwards? Anything I should ask the Vet? Has anyone experienced anything similar? What usually causes these inflammation issues, the vet was very vague as nothing is confirmed yet.

She’s not a chewer, she didn’t have anything stuck in her stomach. She eats pellets (South American mix for conures) and has bird safe toys. Stainless steel bowls. I have noticed she likes dark places when out of the cage, but I pop her back on a perch.

My mum stupidly lights candles sometimes, I will always move Aps into fresh air and blow them out.

Trying not to stress, don’t want my energy rubbing off on her!


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May 9, 2022
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I’m so sorry your baby is ill :( My GCC has had bloodwork once and she had no issues with it at all.

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