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Apr 25, 2020
Hi all new to the group so be gentle .

I’ve just brought my new Alex home today, going to let him settle into his new surroundings for a week or so , in the meantime I’m just looking for any advice from owners . I’m not new to the bird scene I used to own an African grey a number of years ago but obviously time’s change and now with a different breed I just wanted to stay on the ball.
I’ve done a hell of a lot of research and spoken to a number of reputable breeders/shop owners and really looking forward to getting this little fella happy and sociable .
He’s a 6 /7 month old and not had the best starts , I bought him off someone local who clearly didn’t do much research , they bought him from a place in Nottingham 3 weeks ago . When I went to view him I could clearly see he was never going to thrive or even survive in this household. The family had 3 toy dogs that did nothing but bark and yap , just a very chaotic place . They claim to have hand fed him but not managed to handle him as they were scared when he flapped his wings !
I have a video of the breeder/shop handling him and stroking him so I’m hoping I can re establish a trust In time .



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Oct 12, 2020
Alexandrines are notorious chewers, that's one characteristics I love about them. So provide your bird with a few wooden toys to chew and if you can provide natural wood as perches. In the mean time, let your bird acclimatize to his/her new surroundings and possibly if you get the bird to come to you, possibly feed treats to him/her in moderation so it gets used to you. I'd suggest feed the treats through the bars until you feel confident to open the cage door. And if you like you can start clicker training while you feed treats just watch for his/her eyes. Their eyes will dictate what their moods are ,once you get to understand their moods it will help you realize the boundaries the bird is limiting you or not at least this is what I found when I had an Alexandrines.


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Aug 2, 2018
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Congratulations, very handsome bird.
Welcome to the forum!


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Apr 17, 2021
I wonder if this was the same pet shop I got my derbyan from, I was told she was hand tamed and also 12 weeks later the vet said she was around 2 good luck with your new baby :)

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