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Jul 4, 2009
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I have a new Indian Ringneck 8 months old that we are trying to tame but find it very difficult.
Hi My name is Renelle and we just got a new IRN about a month ago his name is Marly(or her name)8 months old. He is sooo scared of us!!!He comes from someone that had a small aviary and appearently he was handtamed as a baby but reverted back to being wild cause the guy never interacted with him.We keep him in the living room and everytime we get off the couch he runs to the top of the cage. I took him out tonight cause sometimes he jumps off the cage and he has a wing that bleeds and I wanted to fix it. I put him in an enclosure where it ws all blocked with curtain arround and he did step up a couple of times but was screaching like death was coming. I was able to put a towel over him and pot some powder on his wing but her was panting at the end probably from stress so I put him back in his cage. Should I keep putting him in there with me to keep training him or is it too much???We are getting so much different advice...Some say tough love and force him to get trained and some say take the time even if its years. But really I feel so bad that he is sooo scared of us that I would like to make it a faster process. Any advice please.

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Dec 28, 2007
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Some say tough love and force him to get trained and some say take the time even if its years.

I'm all for tough love ... when it would be productive. In working with either an untamed or phobic animal (there are many similarities) then so-called "tough love" will not only hinder progress but could altogether destroy any chance the bird has of becoming comfortable with people.

Think of spanking a kid - people may debate if it's ever appropriate but if the kid wants to play in traffic a sore backside to save his life is worth it; if the kid is scared to death that his parents will beat him then I don't think spanking him when he is afraid will help.

If Marly is scared of you then you need to wait until he is ready. You can ENCOURAGE him to come out or be social with positive rewards (treats or praise) but do not FORCE him to do anything or stay anywhere he is not comfortable.

After reading your post I'm not quite clear on some of the specifics: does his wing bleed regularly or was that a one time thing? Is he screaming the whole time in the "enclosure" or just when you get him to step up? Is he comfortable being out of his cage at all (ie running around on the floor)?

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