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Jul 24, 2012
That place out there!
Sam - Lesser WFA (04/26/2003)

Buddy - Lutino Cockatiel (Unknown birthday)
I haven't really gone into much detail on what's been going on with my Sam, but it's been so stressful and I'm so tired of worrying about him.

Last month, he started showing signs of blood in his urates. After putting his fecal under my own microscope, I decided to take him in at 9pm on a Saturday night as an emergency.

Four days in the hospital and 2 exploratory scopes later, and it was determined he had a form of toxic kidney necrosis from some unknown cause. It is presumed that it may have been a pesticide chemical in his food.

Been noticing the last couple of weeks that he's been favouring one foot over the other, and this weekend he was acting pretty lame. So, I left work early today and took him in. I was worried it may be gout because of everything with his kidney.

Turns out that they think either his kidney is inflammed and pressing on his sciatic nerve.... or *ahem* his enlarged testicles due to breeding season are the culprit....

So a bottle of Gabapentin later, and we're on our way home. Hopefully this helps him be more comfortable... :rolleyes:

(He was trying to puke for the vet, but she never returned the favour)
Poor baby. I hope he feels better!
Awww, I'm sorry for Sam and for you going through this. I hope his new meds do the trick and Sam gets back to normal very soon.

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