Our One Year Anniversary- Newbies Encouragment


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Mar 27, 2014
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Today we our celebrating our one year anniversary with Buddy. A year ago I received a call from a cousin who's mother (Rita) had passed in October 2013 and her Husband had been found deceased on this day last year in their home by the police. Nothing bad, natural causes but I think he passed of a broken heart. The police took Buddy and their little dog to the local pound for temporary housing. My cousin called and asked if I wanted a parrot, I had begun looking for a parrot, toos, and CAGs, knew nothing about Amazons. Husband and I talked about it and we took him. So last year we went to the city building and they had moved Buddy and Abby to an office in the police station. Buddy said Hello right away. We loaded him in his small, flimsy cage in the back seat of our truck. On the way home we stopped at Sonic for drinks and I heard Buddy in the back seat moving around. I turn to look at him and he had his head pressed against the bars of his cage like scratch me! I did and he was in heaven. What a lovely first year we've had with him so I wanted to share things we went through and how patience is key and pays off.

Buddy is 25 yo, we bought him a new cage immediately. He took to it well but freaks at anything new in his environment.
I let Buddy set the pace for coming out of his cage and allowing me touch him. He came out on the 3rd day, and destroyed an earring.
We started eating dinner together, food helped with bonding.
It took about three months to try new fruits and vegs and to get a good list of foods Buddy liked.
It took 4 months to get Buddy to take a shower. I had to shower with him, flock activity.
It took 6 months before Buddy would cone out each morning and spend time with me each morning.
It took 6 months to get him to share some of his vocabulary with us. Rehomed parrots are like locked treasure chests, you have to find the right keys to unlock their treasures. Another member said that and I can't remember who it was.
It took 6 months to get Buddy to fly to me on command.
It took 8 months to get Buddy to let me put his harness on.

We are still working on vocabulary, dancing and potty training. My point is don't give up on your babies, be patient and keep working with them. Patience WILL pay off and it's fun 99% of the time.


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Jan 19, 2014
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That's awesome Tracey! Clearly, it was meant to be for Buddy to be a part of your family :)

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