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Jan 17, 2008
I have breed and raised zebra finches for many years but am now looking to have just one bird to care for that is fairly quiet for a condo/apt. I have researched the Parrotlet and would like to know from current owners of this beautiful species if this is a good choice for my home. Most of the day I will be at work so I understand lots of toys/swings etc moved around in different locations in the cage is important. At night of course I would given the bird direct interaction so any info or advice would be helpful in making my decision.
I don't know much about parrotlets. However is your mind set on a parrotlet or are you open to other suggestions? We have a few members that live in apts/condos that can give great advice about birds they have.
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Thanks for posting Tracy, no not set on one but I am mainly looking for a bird that can be kept by itself (doesn't need another of its own species) mainly so it will bond with me and not its cage mate; quiet; no mad screaming basically that will wake me or the neighbours up. I am open to ideas for sure.
I live in an apartment myself so understand about not wanting to have aloud bird. I have a senegal myself and she is pretty good noise wise. She does an imitation of a crow which can be a little noisey but I don't even think anyone can hear that. I work all day and then come home in the evening and then she gets to spend some time with me. She is quite adapted to this routine. I have also taken vacations and have not been home for a week or two which doesn't bother her. The only con I do find with the species is they become phobic birds if not introduced to many different things as babies. This is quite easy to deal with though. Overall she is a joy and I would recommend to anyone a Senegal.

Also if Tex comes around he lives in an apartment and has a Sun Conure and a green cheek conure he can tell you more about.
i always reccomend green cheeks as the ultimate apartment bird. THey have tons of personality and are fairly quiet. Cockatiels make great pets if you want a bird that is going to sit calmy on your shoulder, but aren't extreemly interactive.
i always reccomend green cheeks as the ultimate apartment bird. THey have tons of personality and are fairly quiet.

I don't know how many of you have seen the Disney movie "Aladdin" but there is a line in the move that reminds me of G.C.C. - the line is the Genie talking about, "Phenomenal cosmic power - itty-bitty living space!"

Reminds me so much of G.C.C. "Phenomenal MACAW ATTITUDE, itty-bitty birdie body." My GCC is such a fighter, and stubborn too ... but he's a love and he's a great bird ... I would recommend a G.C.C. to just about anyone ...
they are excellent, they dont make to much noise as larger parrots
I had a beautiful Parrotlet named Divot, a long time ago. She was exellent. Nice to everyone in the house, bonded to me, pretty quiet...... Parrotlets are amazing. I recomend them to anyone. She was my first bird, so she had no other bird-friends, and she was very happy.

Good luck on getting a new bird. :)
Parrotlets are awesome! My one is sitting on my shoulder right now. :D

They are quiet birds, and very small. So that means you won't have to spend as much on them. I wouldn't get them those very small parakeet cages though. :p

They have some personality but not as funny as something like a conure. I still love him though.
Mrspy, I agree that I would never put a parrotlet in a small parakeet cage. Mine was in a cage the size of my Conures!!
Mrspy, I agree that I would never put a parrotlet in a small parakeet cage. Mine was in a cage the size of my Conures!!

Yeah the more room the better. :D

For some reason I just love watching my pets run around in an elbow-free environment.
You guys do realize this thread is over 2 1/2 years old right? :11:
These dang people and their effort to bring back old threads. :p
A parrotlet is perfect i have had 3 of them,they really don't make that much noise they do usually in the afternoon but it's not for a very long time maybe not even 10 seconds.Then the house is quiet again and their talking ability is fairly good you can understand what they say unlike some green cheek conures.My parrotlets have always made me laugh my bird would bit me but not mean it and say HAHAHAH! in an evil laugh and then i would say oh your being evil now and he would make a cheerful noise it was so cute.The only thing is that my sister had a female and they where kept in seperate rooms my bird got "sexually frustrated" and pulled out his feathers so if you get a male parrotlet then don't get a female in the house.I would have to agree on the fact that males talk and females not so much.But i have found that females are nicer.Either way it depends on how they where raised i got a male from a breeder who wasn't the best and it took me a long time to get him to stop biting me.Then i got one from a good breeder and it NEVER bit me.So that is another thing to look into_One thing is that Parrotlets like a routune so once you start something it is very hard to get them to stop.Like my mom took my bird out when we would eat dinner and every time someone sat down at the table he wanted to be taken out of the cage,and he would try to lift the cage door up to try to get out but the door was always too heave he didn't even lift it up a centimeter but it still made noise when it came down.Get a book on parrotlets with Barrons as the publisher their books always tell you what you kneed to know i have one and it even has a list of foods they cannot have.

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