Remembering my lost birbs…


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Aug 4, 2023
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Hi. With only one birdie, Ruby, now, and replying to RIP Asha the lovebird, and the other birds that passed away, who, which I’m sure everyone in the parrot forums family will remember, is reminding me of my lost birdies. There’s a whole in my heart that no one can refill. I don’t want it to be filled. I want to remember the birdies I lost. :

Sky- Pied budgie. RIP- 19,4,2011. Bluey- Blue budgie. RIP- 30,1,2012
She were my first birdie I had. Our meeting was a unexpected one. And bluey came with her.
One day, while I were opening some pet bird supplies that I bought for budgies that is my freind’s. She was in another country so she asked me to take care of her birds and get the supplies. While I was getting out the things, which was a giant aviary, cause I feel bad for the budgies my friend had. There were four. Two pairs. One pair were green the second white. They were crowded in a super small cage which is a round cage for sing birds. They were unhealthy. So, back to the things. When I was opening the box, I saw a small package kind of thing that wasn’t supposed to be there. I thought I saw something blue move inside. So, I opened it and found two budgies. A blue and a pied budgie. They both were skinny ans sickly looking. The pied one had a injured leg which is twisted. There were a letter, it said - ‘Dear buyer, since you are buying a large aviary, that must mean you care about birds. I can’t raise them anymore because of moving. The pied one, which I call twist, is six years old. The blue one, called perfect, is five. I hope you give them a good life. Good day, Ashia. So, that’s how I met them. I decided to change their names, calling them Sky and Bluey. Sky was shy, clam and sweet. She always loves to sit on my shoulder. Bluey was adventurous, loud and sweet. He seems to be always moving. After a few months of care, Sky and Bluey were back to full health. Sky died of infection in her twisted leg in the age of ten.
Bluey always calls for her. He died out of sickness, too. I will always remember you, my sweet babies.

Onyx- Lutino cockatiel M. RIP- 13,7,2016. Mango- Lutino cockatiel F. RIP- 21,5, 2015
I found them shortly after Sky died. It were a miracle. They were a working pair from a seller who didn’t care about his birds. They were starved. They didn’t perduce a single egg a year and the seller thought they were useless so decided to throw them in a parking place garbage bin. I was throwing out the trash when I heard the whistle of a cockatiel, so I looked in and saw the cage. I were filthy with garbage in it. Huddled miserably in one corner were two cockatiels. You know what I’d do. I brought them to a veterinarian immediately. She said they are starved and has some illness and she said there were a Tage on the cage. I was so focused on the birds that I didn’t notice that. The Tage were the shop name. She told me that the birds will be rescued so I didn’t need to worry. After a few months of expensive care, they were back to full health. In the time they were still recovering, the veterinarian and some other people brought in several other birds. Many got adopted when back to full health, but, three birds were not. After a month in my house, the cockatiels started to act like actual birds. I went to the veterinarian for the final payment, and, that was when I saw the three birds. Two male-full grown green budgies and a one-winged blue lovebird. The two budgies has sickness that can never fully heal, and the blue love birds? Well, you know. I adopted them after another month of waiting to see if anyone else will adopt them. The lovebird always had a sad expression in his eyes that breaks my heart. The cockatiels are doing good. They even layed one egg in 5 months time!
I gave the the names Mango and Onyx. Mango died of lung disease and Onyx, died suddenly.
Stormyjy- Blue lovebird. RIP-23,5,2022
You mostly know the story of Stormyji now. Because he couldn’t fly with one wing, he felt left out, as I thought. H started plukking. We thought of many solutions, and, bought and giant playground for him. Mostly the playground is nearly touching the ceiling, so, it means that it’s a long distance from the ground, and , the other birds mostly played on it with him. He was happy. But, one night, there were thunder. He were scared and hitted the cage wall, and, died. I hope he meets his family and can fly again in his afterlife.
Bean-green budgie. RIP- 13,10,2019 Sprout-green budgie. RIP- 2,1,2018
Bean and sprout is also rescued from that seller. They were on a all-seed diet so it was hard to correct it. They had a tough life start, but, I hope I grave them a good life. Sprout needed medicine every day in the morning because of a stomach desease. He had some good years with me before he died. Bean grieved for him. After sprout died, Bean stopped singing his morning songs. He was not the energetic little bird anymore. We, his bird and human family, tried to cheer him up, but, he never did. He died sadly. I hope he meets his brother again. Not able to cheer him up before death was a pity, and, I never forgive myself for that.
I hope they are happy in their afterlife.


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Jul 10, 2015
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I am very sorry for your loss feathered family members!

So many people have no understanding of how anyone could become so deeply attached to a bird. As if they are somehow unworthy of our love.

The reality is that this ball of feathers found us worthy of their trust, love and warmed our hearts is testament to their being far more then worthy.

Thank you for taking the time to remember your loved feathered family members, may they fly high and carry us when it is our turn!

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