Setting up Hatchday List.


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Sep 7, 2006
Okay everyone, This is the place that we get to celebrate our babies hatch days. So if you send me an email or PM telling me birds Name, Species hatch date. If you don't know the proper hatch day then maybe the day you got your bird living with you or any date you choose, along with approx age.

Example ~
Bucc ~ CAG~ 27 January 2005 ~ Mum Peta.
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Re: Hatchday List.

Thank you Guys, I'll get the proper list up and running today sometime. It will be a list that we can refer to only.
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Just bouncing this up again for all our new members. If you would like to add your birds hatchday then pm/email or leave message here.

Birds Name, Species, Hatchday, Your name/username.
Popsicle ~ Senegal ~ March 2, 2005 ~ Tracy

Pepsi ~ Mealy Amazon ~ January 15, 2007 (The day we take her home to start her new life, she is actually approximately 29 years old) ~ Tracy
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Thanks Tracy, I have added them both to the list.

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