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Aug 24, 2005
Cedar Park, TX
sun conure girls: Allie & Kira in Austin, Texas we have many different types of birds of prey. I also live on a golf course with a slight "canyon" if you will. Well, we also have a lot of deer, rabbits etc. So about every 10-15 min there will be a few hawks flying around. Of course nature takes it's action and my two freeze up and do that low grunting conure talk. It's sooo amazing to watch! These two birds from a breeder recognize a dangerous bird from the outdoors, just by looking through a window. I lvoe it. Although one day there must have been something dead or something back ther ebecause I think I counted about 11 hawks. I eventually closed the blinds in my room because I didn't want Alliee and Kira to die of a heart attack.
Its amazing how instinct takes over, even with out captive breed fids,

Bucc would probably sit there calling them "Silly Birds" :eek: thats what he calls all our birds he sees in the garden, we don't get many birds of prey flying round, and when we do its only the small ones, kestrals I think, and we only see them near the motorway (Interstate?)

Good Idea on closing the blinds for them. Bet their reaction is something you won't forget in a hurry.
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Oh it happens all the time. As I was writing the first post then something was flying around out there. I usually keep the blinds open unless there are a TON of them out there...aka... like 4 or 5
Funny, Christy and I were talking about this exact same thing this morning before work ... we heard a hawk and Mac and Hamlet were unphased so we were wondering if it were instincts or if it were flock dynamics that made them understand what was dangerous and what was not ... very thought provoking here ...
Yeah I've been thinking of this all night, it certainly makes ya think don't it. Not a bad thing IMO. :D

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