Sneezing.... What can I do??


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Jul 11, 2013
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So I woke up this morning an I noticed that LuLu was sneezing quiet a bit. She would sneeze like every two or three minutes. But it didn't concern me at first because she was really intent on dominating her toy (cereal box) that she was playing with at the time. I took her out to fill her food/water bowl and I noticed that her nose was a little damp. I setup a vet appointment but it won't be until 2 days from now (its mid-terms time and I've been so incredibly busy) but my vet told me that if she got worse then I could take her to the emergency vet care.
Last night was pretty cold in the house and I also had a runny/stuffy nose and still do. Do you think that is the problem? Is there anything I can do to get her to stop sneezing until her vet appt?

Thanks guys


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Sep 12, 2012
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Parrots can't catch a cold, and generally speaking, do better with cooler temperatures than they do with hotter temps.

It may help to put her in a hot, steamy shower. I would suggest doing a nasal flush, with some saline, however I can't imagine this would be very easy to do with an eclectus, considering she'd have to be held upside down....

Some vitamin A foods may also be of help and perhaps some hot peppers, too?

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