So he does this strange behaviour...


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Sep 20, 2010
sweden, lund
2 love birds.
He is called Pityu
She is called Citrus
They are 3years old, she is a little older than him
My Lovebirds name is Pityu, as i'v told several times.
He's a nice parrot and a good companion, but he is not hand raised or anything like that, so he is willing to hop on to my arm or shoulder and some lucky times when he is calm, steping up on my finger.
Lately i'v noticed a very strange behaviour from him that i'v either not noticed before or he just simply didn't do it before.

So here is the behaviour:
He calls for attention in his cage and when i go near the cage he enthusiasticly goes right up to the side closest to me with exitement! But then suddenly after going a little bit closer he turns around and jumps down to the bottom of the cage and makes a "squeek". THat is the main behaviour and if i just stand still and not doing anything he may repeat it several times and i have no clue what he wants to say cause its clearly a message!

It may be a well known parrot behaviour, but i'v only had 2 birds so i'm not very educated in their behaviour.
Some suggestions?

I'll have a video up soon
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I'm not entirely sure what this could be, but in my opinion it sounds like he just wants attention. A couple of times my conure has gone to the bottom of his cage and did a little squawk. He might just want to play, and when you don't react he does it more to get your attention.
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ok...sounds like a plan! He then sometimes goes up to the cage side again (on the bottom) and bites the bars and he holds it there for a second just like he is expecting me to react to it, so yes it could be, thanks!

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