1. P

    Lovebird makes twitter notification sound

    She also makes a slower version ,that sounds sad for whatever reason , if anyone wanted i can share
  2. P

    lovebird doesnt seem to sleep

    hello , i have a pair of lovebirds , M and F , F lovebird simply doesnt seem to sleep like ever ,the M one i can see him get sleepy,sleep or tuck or have one eye closed but the female one i could swear never sleeps ,somehow shes VERY energetic ,i am a late sleeper so i always check her out and...
  3. L

    Lovebird is sick

    My lovebird is almost a years old. She is currenltly feeling sick, she is not eating and only do drinking. She fluff up her fur and becomes so clingy to humans (which usually doesnt do). Her droppings is only white I assume that because she doesnt eats. It has been a day... please help I dont...
  4. K

    2 love birds died

    Hi. Two of my little guys passed away, I have no idea what the cause was, they just suddenly died. I recently adopted these two baby lovebirds last October. They seemed very healthy and they would play all the time and were the cutest little joys to have around. They weren’t hand tamed so I was...
  5. J

    Please help make parrots recognized ESAs. Some of us rely on their intelligence to help with physical pain.

    Hey there. I'm new here--I've lurked for years, but I've got a conure, a cockatiel, a lovebird, a medical degree, and a neurological disease where emotional distress causes me physical pain. I know your birds matter to you, and I know for many of you, you wouldn't want anything to separate you...
  6. kyladoodle

    Hi everyone:)

    Hi everybody- i’m Kyla from NZ. Crazy about parrots - I had a lovebird named Tangelo that unfortunately got sick and passed Dec 2022. I have since adopted an 8year old Rainbow Lorikeet by the name of Gizmo - loving Tangelo and learning from him enabled me to be a savior for this lori, as she...
  7. PXL_20221018_220621336_5.mp4


    Mango gives daddy a sweet kiss as Red looks on
  8. M

    Drooping and Swollen Lovebird Wing

    Hi Everyone! My male lovebird Milo has had a droopy wing with a lump for about a month now. I did see a vet and he said he thinks it’s a fractured wing and prescribed Meloxicam and Enrofloxacin. After finishing the meds my bird still appears the same and I’d say his wing lump is even bigger...
  9. B

    Looking for Specific Naturally Molted Lovebird Feathers for Crafting

    Hey, I'm looking for some naturally molted feathers from these specific mutations of birds for a crafting project to add some feathers to a trinket jar. Wondering if anyone would be willing to provide some?: Normal / Wild Coloration Peach-Faced Lovebird Feathers Example pictures: I know...
  10. B

    Looking for Specific Naturally Molted Budgie Feathers for Crafting

    Hey, I'm looking for some naturally molted feathers from these specific mutations of birds for a crafting project to add some feathers to a trinket jar. Wondering if anyone would be willing to provide some?: Sky Blue Recessive Pied Budgie Feathers Example pictures: SF (Single Factor)...
  11. Dylan Longman

    My bird just died after only 1.5 years.

    My lovebird just died and he was only a year and a half old. I don’t know what to do, because he helped me during my darkest times and it’s not like if I get a new bird it’ll be exactly like him. He died from lead poisoning and I’m stupid for not realizing it earlier. I loved him so much, and...
  12. Quetki

    Aggressive lovebird

    I have a crippled lovebird and it hates hands. It only takes treats from hands and even then will try to bite you sometimes. Does anyone know how I can tame it? I also have a Conure and am too scared to see if it'll bite it. They were chatting but when I got him closer to the cage he started...
  13. S

    My 3-4 Month-Old Rosy Faced Lovebird won't eat or drink

    Hi everyone! My dad found a Rose-faced lovebird yesterday and long story short we're keeping it. (It was definitely a pet that escaped, we asked around but no one had any clue so we brought it home). Took it to the Vet for a general check-up and they found nothing wrong with it. I told them...
  14. Same-Sex Couple Incubating Their New Eggs

    Same-Sex Couple Incubating Their New Eggs

    Rosie and Jaybird incubating their new eggs. I knew Rosie was expecting an egg since she had egg bum, but Jaybird’s bum looked normal.
  15. Unfertilized Eggs Sharing a Nest

    Unfertilized Eggs Sharing a Nest

    Rosie and Jaybird, newlyweds, both laid an egg today. Obviously not fertilized since Rosie was the one who was doing the humping.
  16. S

    Lovebird clicking noise and tail vibrating (or bobbing im unsure)

    Hello! Does anyone know why my lovebird is doing this? Is this just a behavioural thing or does he have an illness? His tail moves up and down very fast like it’s vibrating and he would make clicking noises. He acts normal and is very active! Any thoughts? Thanks :)
  17. I

    My lovebird is just too scared

    Hello! I hope you’re having a good day. Alright so I’m new lovebird owner I know absolutely adore and Love mine. I got it about 2 weeks ago from a bird store. First of all, they weren’t treating the poor guy well there, and they were keeping Like 20 of them in one small cage and grabbed them...
  18. L

    2 month and half lovebird care

    Hello everyone, I just had my Lovebird from the breeder, he told me it is 2 months and half, but until now she can't eat the seeds. It is lazy a little bit, she doesn't drink water I have to give her water with syringe, is it normal? When can I give her bath? How often should I feed her the...
  19. A

    Swollen eye, dont know what to do

    Hey guys, i would like if someone can help me understand what is wrong with my lovebirds eye, he is able to close its eyes over the swollen part and is doesnt look like he is hurt, but i have no idea what is should do, thankyou in advance
  20. Mustikka

    My lovely lovebird passed away suddenly...Needs help

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read. This is my 1st time posting on this forum. I have been so devastated by the sudden death of my lovebird, and I found this forum. I thought it would help me to get some helpful opinions. I just find it extremely hard to get a closure on this...