1. Mustikka

    My lovely lovebird passed away suddenly...Needs help

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read. This is my 1st time posting on this forum. I have been so devastated by the sudden death of my lovebird, and I found this forum. I thought it would help me to get some helpful opinions. I just find it extremely hard to get a closure on this...
  2. L

    Tissue paper twine?

    Hi everyone, me again! I’m looking for help with another question. I’ve been really struggling to find safe rope to use for toys for my new lovebirds. I came across a way to make twine out of tissue paper. Is this a safe option or is it toxic/harmful?
  3. L

    New Lovebird Mom!

    Hi everyone, I have just purchased two female baby lovebirds (they get along just fine as they were raised in the same home). My question is has anyone successfully been able to have their lovebirds bond with them when they have two lovebirds? I’ve heard they will bond with each other and be...
  4. Zhin

    mite or bug lovebirds eye

    mite or bug in lovebirds eye Hello fellow parrots My Fisher lovebird has something in her eye. How do i go about removing this mite / bug/ tick , from her eye? i just noticed this in her eye, some thing felt off, and i checked to see and it looks like a bug what to do? i dont have any...
  5. X

    What can i do to help my plucking lovebird?

    Hi, I have an 8 year old peach-faced lovebird who has a feather-plucking habit that started suddenly when he was 1. We took him to the vet and she said that it's not anything medical but rather he was hormonal and without a mate, he was sexually frustrated and therefore resorted to plucking. She...
  6. J

    Jeff is looking for a new home

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and coping ok in these weird times. I am posting with a heavy heart, because I find myself needing to re-home my gorgeous peachfaced lovvie Jeff Bridges (I know, the name is silly!) 
 His mate, Pearl, passed away about 10 days ago and Jeff is now sadly on...
  7. K

    Two of my lovebirds died suddenly after being wraped in blankets

    First we had two female lovebirds, one of them looked sick, one day she lowered her head so we took her out of the cage and cover her in blankets, for the rest of the day she seemed fine and ate well, her poop was also fine, the next day she once again lowered her head, we did the same and after...
  8. W

    Lovebird laid 2 eggs! When can I take them out?

    Hi guys, long story short: Whiskey laid 2 eggs which is adorable. They are clearly duds (we checked) but we left them for her of course so she can take care of them and follow her nature. I read that they usually abandon them after 3 weeks but it´s been 4 weeks now and she´s still all over...
  9. L

    Lovebird plucking own feathers

    Hi guys/gals, :rainbow1: I have a lovebird that is about a year old and he's just started plucking his right wing feathers to a point that the bald patch is half of his right wing & part of his lower neck. We've brought him to the vet and they've said that it's definitely not mites & probably a...
  10. Sparklystars

    How to give lovebird oral medicine?

    My little lovebird sherbet is unwell, and while we don't know why yet, the vets have given me some medicine to try her on. How do I give it to her without her hating it/me? I tried this evening to give her her first dose and my friend had to hold her while I tried to feed her with the syringe...
  11. K

    Urgent 3-month lovebird help

    Please help. I'm a very concerned bird mom. I myself am physically stressed about the well-being of my little baby. Dylan is a peach-faced lovebird I got at 5 weeks old, and hand-weened him on to a pellet diet. He got an infection at about 7 weeks, and I took him to the vet, had him on...
  12. L

    What species of lovebird is this?

    (picture in attachments) He's almost 4 months old.
  13. L

    Wing Injury Tips/Help?

    I recently adopted a supposedly 4-month old lovebird, my first lovebird. The previous owner did not make me aware that he has an injury to what looks like his outermost primary feathers. :smile032: Looks like it was an attempted clipping as his feathers are quite short in comparison to the...
  14. W

    Hello from Martin, Whiskey and Nebula

    Hi everyone, my name is Martin and I am joining along with my two lovebirds Whiskey and Nebula. :blue2::whiteblue: They´re blue, just born last year (June and September) and absolutely amazing. I wanted to join this forum to talk some more to other lovebird owners and get more experience...
  15. L

    5/8'' Bar Spacing for Lovebird?

    Hello, There doesn't seem to be any consensus on what spacing is appropriate for a lovebird. Would 5/8'' be okay? Has anyone had any experience with this spacing for their lovies cage? Thank you!
  16. L

    Is my new lovebird okay? Please help :(

    Hello, I am new to this forum, but I was brought here due to being concerned about my new lovebirb. He is behaving fine, eating fine, etc. however, I noticed his face was either missing some feathers or it looks wet or something? I got him around a week ago, I believe the petstore person said...
  17. Raikou

    Brooder setup and routine?

    Hi all, I have a pair of peach faced lovebirds who are currently producing their first clutch with me. Both are displaying the correct nesting and mate feeding behaviours appropriately, and eggs have been laid every other day no issue with there being three so far. The birds have been observed...
  18. P

    Lovebird’s Lame Foot

    Hi everyone, hope you’re all safe and well. This is a bit of a long read but I’d really appreciate if anyone can help us out. I have a lovebird who is around 2 years old On June 30th we noticed jellybeans right foot was weak, and his right wing slightly droopy. He was still able to walk and...
  19. K

    Lovebird heavy breathing?

    Hi, my lovebird was making noises when he was breathing (kind of sounded like a fart), and perching himself with his belly lower. He is able to eat and drink and perch, but because of covid-19 all my local vets aren't taking birds that aren't actively dying right then and there. After coming...
  20. C

    meloxicam and baytril for lovebird

    My Vet has prescribed 1ml of baytril and 11/4 ml of meloxicam daily for my sick bird. Several people have told me this is too much and they only gave their sick birds 1 drop a day. I've also spent hours researching the dosage online and I cant find anyone that recommend such a high dose. The vet...