Started Head Bobbing When Taking Treats


Aug 30, 2016
Norfolk (England)
Bella (Vosmaeri Eclectus Female) + Dexter (Red Sided Eclectus Male) + Gerry (Vosmaeri Eclectus Male)
I've been feeding Bella treats by hand for a good while now, but just recently over the past few days she has started bobbing her head as she takes them (like a feeding chick).

She didn't do this before, why would she start? Any ideas?
If it looks as though she's nodding vigorously, she may share a body language trait with Maya. Whenever I give Maya something that she finds particularly tasty, she'll let me know by nodding VERY enthusiastically. Dried hibiscus petals, for instance, will have her nodding away like a fiend!

Jolly, on the other hand, will do a quick wing flap. Almost like applause. Hahaha!
Otherwise, if it looks more like she's working something back up, she may be preparing to regurgitate up a little gift for you. In avian world, that's a high form of flattery. Lol!
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I'm getting a tad worried about her attempting to feed from my fingers. Is it normal or not?

I feel like the fact that she was probably weaned too young and the fact that I've been hand feeding her treats has confused her.

She's jerking her neck alot whenever I'm giving her any treats now, like shes trying to work a feed down, though it's becoming counterproductive, as her movement usually causes the treat to fall, whereas if she were to take the treat in her beak she'd actually receive it!

Any thoughts...?
But she's fine when simply eating from her food bowl?

I haven't seen anything like this with my ekkies, but your thought that it could be something related to her having been weaned too early might be on point. I doubt that it's anything to worry about, but would it be possible for you to get this on video?
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I will get a video of her doing it during daylight so you can see properly. I'm hoping it's just something she will grow out of when she realises she actually gets more food in her mouth if she doesn't do it! :)
From my experience she is fine. Venus loves spoons, I think she remembers an "instrument" being fed and relates to the spoon. When I first got Venus, she was on a seed diet. Moving her to a fresh diet was a challenge until I realized her reaction to a spoon. So to get her to eat fresh, I bought plastic spoons and put them in her dish. Below is a pic of her. She eats well using this method. I also eat with her, it's a group activity and she eats. She's been 100% fresh food for 1.75 years now. I got her in January 2015.


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