head bobbing

  1. birbsRcool

    cockatiel head bobbing with saliva coming out of mouth

    please help, what is this behaviour? information is on the video. (i posted) i see a drop of saliva on the feathers, and sometimes when he does that i can hear seeds coming out. he's never done this before?! Cockatiel weird behavior | what is he doing? | read description - YouTube saliva looks...
  2. J

    Green cheek conure head bobbing?

    I have been spending a lot of time with my green cheek conure lately but for the past two days he/she is head bobbing and regurgitating food while sitting with me... does this mean he’s a male or is it something both genders do? He just turned 20 a few weeks ago and I haven’t really seen this...
  3. Z

    Need advice for my 7 months old Catalina Macaw baby. Please help!

    Hi there! I am glad to find parrotforums.com, and this is my first post. I am the new daddy to 7 months old Zacko. Zacko is a Catalina Macaw who has come to our home somewhere around a month ago. I am reaching out as I am seeking some advice. I am still hand-feeding Zacko (Harrison’s Juvenile...
  4. H

    Constant Head Bobbing

    I'm a new Quaker owner and about four days of being home, he started to Bob his head... Constantly! Till he wakes up until he sleeps, I've read that Quaker babies will do this a lot but I wouldn't imgained to this extent! The head bobbing is accociated with wing flaps and squawking.
  5. P

    Sun Conure Head Bobbing

    Hello all, I am very concerned for my sun conure Papaya, he is four months and since last night he has been doing this weird aggressive head bob as if he is trying to throw up. I am not sure what to do as I read head bobbing is normal but it looks so uncomfortable. Here is a video of him doing...
  6. O

    Head bobbing and squawking

    Hello! I’ve been searching parrot questions non-stop for almost a month now and always end up here! So I figured it was time to join you lovely folk! Im thankful for the community. I have had one budgie since the beginning of the year, recently started housing a Moluccan cockatoo (who I am...
  7. Violet_Diva

    Started Head Bobbing When Taking Treats

    I've been feeding Bella treats by hand for a good while now, but just recently over the past few days she has started bobbing her head as she takes them (like a feeding chick). She didn't do this before, why would she start? Any ideas?
  8. M

    head bobbing?

    the past few days my gcc has been bobbing his head at me and my partner and also a few objects and toys and also his reflection (i covered the mirror now). he bobs his head and puffs up his feathers.. he taps his beak on a hard surface. these movements are weird, he bobs his head down every 2-3...
  9. R

    Body language

    I recently started a full-time babysitting job and the family has a pet macaw. I've never really been around birds before and I'm interested in a lot of her body language, and what it all means. The bird is named Lucy. She seems very protective of the family, she threatens to bite anyone that's...
  10. M

    Baby Conure Bobbing Head?

    Well, he isn't really a baby. He was hatched September 23, 2012. He is a green cheek conure and sun conure hybrid( I know it's unusual but it was a mistake by the breeder). He bobs his head ALL THE TIME! Alot of the time it is while he is eating, playing or while im holding him. Any ideas? Here...