1. W

    Incubator Macaw Baby Feed

    Hi! Can someone tell me when I should start feeding just hatched incubator macaw babies? Like, after how long should I start? Thank you!
  2. V

    Angry birds after feeding

    Hello, I have two baby IRNs, about 3 weeks old. I’m feeding them 10ml of feed times a day. After feeding them, one of them becomes very shouty and fights with the other bird. Is this normal behaviour?
  3. psitticine

    Mysterious stain…

    Yesterday I fed Rainy her chop in the morning as usual… came back minutes later and saw that she had somehow managed to get some veggie juice in the feathers on her head. I will never know how she did this. It’s like having a toddler sometimes 😅
  4. JoyousChaos

    Is it normal for new birds to not eat?

    Hello all! I’m a first time bird owner and a very nervous one at that. I’m a young person and my dad (after years of begging) agreed to let me get a bird. And for the record, I’ve done my research and this was not an impulse purchase. Okay with that out of the way, so on December 20th...
  5. J

    Need Advice for Cockatiel Feeding!

    Hi everyone, a week ago my girlfriend and I bought a Cockatiel who was seven weeks old (now eight). We were told by the breeders that he was weaned, and so we purchased him. Two days after we purchased him he began to make the “radio static screech,” which we learned meant that he was hungry...
  6. 1oldparroter

    Bird Meals

    There are many ways that meal impact a birds' life. There is of course the vitamins and minerals involved. These maintain the birds health physically and mentally; if it's balanced. Timing is just as important, especially as regards training times are before hand. Different species prefer...
  7. J

    Baby budgie from local pet store - need help!

    Howdy! So I have three budgies, the first two were relatively young when I got them and have been a breeze to bond with, however, I just took home a new budgie today, Casper. She looked fine when I saw her, but younger than the others. Now I'm noticing things. For one, she struggles to perch on...
  8. W

    Sun conure feeding

    I recently picked up my three month old sun conure. I was told they were done with hand feeding and eat on their own. I forgot to ask if the people started my bird on pellets or seeds. Tata (sun conure I’m taking about) enjoys the chopped veggies I gave them but doesn’t touch the pellets. I...
  9. H

    How do you give your birds leafy greens?

    My birds are pretty good at eating their fruit and veg, some of them like it more than others but that's not the problem. With leafy greens like kale and spinach, I've tried putting it in a regular food bowl (cover on and off), tried getting a bunch and wedging between the bars, and putting it...
  10. L

    How much does an IRN cost to feed every month

    Hello! So I am still doing my research on IRNs. I should be getting one by March next year hopefully! I just want to know how much an IRN costs to feed every month? Not including vets fees I will have some savings for that and plan to insure the bird. I am looking to feed a predominately pellets...
  11. B

    my bird wont eat his formula? please help

    so i just got a pinapple greencheek conure yesterday at a bird expo and hes 2 and a half months old but hasnt been weaned yet. the lady told me he eats formula once a day and showed me how to do it. i tried doing it two times today but he would not open his beak to take in the formula i dont...
  12. P

    Is my GCC overeating? I’m scared he might get obese

    My GCC Patrick is young, only about a few months, but I’m scared he’s overeating and might get obese in the long run. I want to have a feeding schedule but I’m at school 4 days a week and nobody at my home is able to do one feeding during the day. Should I try a feeding schedule, or should I not...
  13. A

    New Cockatiel bird owner, need help taming!

    Hello, I just recently got a cockatiel about a week and half ago from a pet store. I always knew that it’s better to get them from a breeder but I fell in love with him the moment I saw him and just had to get him. However, im currently having trouble taming him. He’s very feisty and always...
  14. F

    What we feed our parrots - chop feeding & preparation and pellets

    This is a video on how we feed our flock! I hope it helps somebody. Just a disclaimer that just because this is how we feed our flock doesn't mean that it is what you SHOULD feed them. Ingredients and routine preferences vary widely between parront to parront :) :green2::grey:
  15. C

    Baby Raffi!

    Hello all! My name is Chanelle. Me and my boyfriend picked up our 6 week old Green Cheek Conure yesterday, and even though we did research for almost a year beforehand, I'm finding myself asking a lot of questions. Raffi is still being hand fed, although he's not eating the same way that I...
  16. Violet_Diva

    Advice please - feeding injured baby blackbird

    I have acquired from a neighbour (what I believe to be) a young blackbird. It has broken feet :-( But is still mobile. I've converted a tub into a makeshift brooder by lining 2/3 with thick fleece vet bedding and putting a heat mat under half of 1/2 of the fleeced part so the bird can...
  17. B

    Mom stops feeding 4 week old baby

    Hi y'all! Oké, so we have gotten a little situation on our hand. About 4 weeks ago our lovebird couple, Kiwi and Mango, got their first baby. Kiwi had 5 eggs and 2 hatched. Sadly the second baby died within 2 days. They didn't feed him and me and my husband are very inexperienced with baby...
  18. M

    Legumes and Lentils

    Hello, I am new to this Forum so sorry if this has been asked already. I am wondering if there are any Legumes or Lentils that's are not okay to feed parrots? I have been googling a bit and it seems a bit controversial for some legumes and lentils. Also, do all legumes and lentils have the...
  19. Violet_Diva

    Started Head Bobbing When Taking Treats

    I've been feeding Bella treats by hand for a good while now, but just recently over the past few days she has started bobbing her head as she takes them (like a feeding chick). She didn't do this before, why would she start? Any ideas?
  20. M

    Baby lovebird question

    what food can i offer a baby lovebird (3 weeks) that i am currently co-parenting? i want to offer food while they're out of the nest socialising, to help with the bonding process? thanks