Sun Conure having trouble pooping


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Jan 19, 2013
For about a month and a half now, my 11 year old sun conure has been having trouble pooping. My aunt (A vet) gave here some antibiotics, which improved the consistency of it, but she is still having trouble. Where it used to take 3 seconds or less, she may no be straining for 30 seconds trying to get it out. Her Cloaca extends out of her when she poops, much more than it should and it seems to be enflamed. Her behavior is normal besides this issue. But I feel like there is a blockage of some sort in her intestine.
Have there been any tests done? And x-ray to see if anything is blocking her intestines? Any possibility of an egg?

That is the route I would go...

Also, what is diet?
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She mostly eats the bird food that you can get in stores. We try to get her to eat fruits an vegetables, but all she ever does is lick them. Also, if it was an egg would the problem be here this long? I'd think that she would have layed it by now. I don't think there would be any possibility of an egg though because she has never had contact with a male bird before, but I suppose there could be an unfertilized one. We haven't gotten tests done. I have been trying to get my parents to take her in. The only reason the problem persisted for such a long time was they didn't believe that something was wrong in the first place.
If it were an egg, I'm pretty sure she would be dead already... because if an egg gets stuck, it causes a severe infection from bacteria from the egg breaking down(this is my understanding...)

Couldn't your vet try giving your bird something to cause a brief period of diarrhea? Just thinking out loud.

If I'm wrong about the egg, I'm sure the very knowledgeable folks here will correct me...and if I am, I apologize... this will be a learning thread for us both :)

We had a budgie hen that had an egg stick.... there had to be more to it... but all I can say is that it wasn't a pretty site. We didn't even know she was a she, cause she had a blue, purple cere, but started laying eggs..a stuck egg is a serious matter....its commonly called binding.
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I've heard of three cases now of hens who have kept an egg inside of them for 6+ months. When the egg remains in the hen for that long, it becomes calcified.

Extremely rare to occur, but not impossible. I can't even find any information on the internet about it.

"She mostly eats the bird food that you can get in stores."
That doesn't tell me what it is. Is it seed? Is it pellets? What brand is it?

You also didn't say how long she's been having this problem for... so I don't know if it's a recent one or if it's been occurring for a long time.

In short though, it sounds like she needs tests done to determine why she's having these problems.
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I said she was having the problem for about a month and a half. She mostly eats seeds and things like that. there are also some oat like things in here food
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Also, could somebody post the picture of a bird (preferably sun conure) that is baring an egg, maybe I could compare it.
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yeah, I will probably try to get her to a vet asap. Hopefully I can get my parents to take her. Based on those pictures, it looks like there could be an egg though.
Hope she's okay, has she ever been fluffed up for a long time or is less active or is it just the pooping problem ?
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Yes, there was a short period where she was really quiet and was fluffed up more than usual. Her behavior is more normal now though.

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