Sun Conure sneezes a lot?


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Oct 3, 2013
Elly - 20 week old female sun conure
Oswin - female budgie
My Sun conure, Elly, is almost 5 months old now. I've had her home for a little over a month. She's had her new bird exam at a qualified avian vet office during the first week I had her, which included a basic physical exam and blood tests for diseases like psittacosis, polyomavirus, etc, as well as a DNA test. No tests for parasites or a gram stain were done, though.

Everything came back negative for the diseases tested, and the vet said she appears to be very healthy. However, I noticed that she sneezes a lot! She scratches at her nostrils and then sneezes which sometimes gives me a good spray in the face! :09: I know birds occasionally sneeze to clear out their nostrils, but I feel like Elly sneezes too much. The areas around her nostrils are a bit pink (maybe from the scratching?). Otherwise, she is a very happy, energetic (quite obnoxious actually), and healthy bird. She eats normally, is vocal, playful, and doesn't seem to be sick. I'm wondering if I should be concerned at all and rush her to the vet. :confused:

It's wintertime where I live, but the room I keep the birds in is the warmest in the house. Maybe it's too dry? I've heard low humidity can cause irritation of the nasal cavities in birds. Now that I think about it....when Elly was too young to bring home, I would visit her at the store and she sneezed very frequently there as well. Maybe she has allergies?

Also, Elly sometimes likes to take naps in my hoodie when I have her out, and I've noticed as she is starting to fall asleep she starts to breathe very heavily. She lays on her stomach sometimes when she sleeps, and I'm wondering if this is the cause or if it is related to her itchy nostrils and sneezing.

I'm thinking about taking Elly to the vet again, but maybe there are some things I can try beforehand. Any insight will be appreciated! :)

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