Taming an older budgie


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Oct 20, 2019
Hello, I would like to say I’m not completely new to owning parakeets, but I’m not experienced as I currently own one since 2017. However, an event happened and I ended up with a older untamed budgie in my hands, so I turned to this format.

So to give you a backstory, my mom’s friend gotten free budgies since her son been begging for one (Because he fell in love with my budgie) and just happened to find someone who really needed to get rid of their parakeets. Whoever she got the birds seemed not to really care about them as much. They came with a pretty big cage, toys, and food, but the seeds were definitely the ones you find at Walmart and the cage as it was big, was not big enough to house five budgies. My mom’s friend needed to get rid of one (For some reason) and knew that I own one, and so here I am posting my doubts on the Internet.
One problem I have is that my heart is not set in stone to tame this budgie only because I’m now a sophomore in high school and I no longer have a lot of time now than when I first got my budgie, Star in middle school. I heard taming a older budgie is harder and time consuming, and just hearing that is making me discouraged. However, I do want to give him a better life so I really need advice and tips on taming an older budgie. Currently, I call him Spook and so far he’s use to having people around, but hands in general are a no go for him. He’s in my room separated from Star, who’s in the living room downstairs because I read online that you shouldn’t introduce a tamed and untamed budgie.
I have a hard time adjusting to this because I’m not in the most perfect spot in life to take in another pet, but I’m willing to adapt to this change. However, the problem I have with Spook is that every time he screams or chirps really loudly, it’s super high pitched, and I’m wondering if that’s temporary since he was split apart from his flock. I hope so because although I can deal with loud noises, high pitch sounds is where I draw the line. Star has a deeper chirp and is mostly quiet throughout the day, so this is new to me. During the few hours of having Spook, he’s already has given me anxiety about his volume.
I would go about taming Spook the same way I did Star, but they’re “different” birds that I know it’s not going to work the same way it did with Star. I was in middle school when I got Star, so I don’t even know what exactly I did to tame her.
Sorry for all this rant talk, but I’m clueless to how I should handle this. Time and effort is key, but right now I have neither of those, so hopefully I find some answers here.

Thx for reading and maybe next time I’ll post a pic of Spook and give updates. I planned on using this account temporarily, but now I might stick around and learn some stuff here.


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