Tequila has a thing for my son


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Oct 15, 2015
Hawley PA
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So our Sun Conure has been with us about a week now, and we have been working with Tequila everyday. She is starting to get used to me, but still says away to the back of the cage and takes some luring to get to the front. when I turn around she comes back up front and takes off to the back when I face her. So I figure she is playing me. Well my one son Alex, just walks up to the cage and tequila comes right up front and allows him to rub her tummy all while head bobbing. lol. Only with him and he really hasn't had a lot of FaceTime with Tequila. I am thinking she is smarter then I am giving her credit for and she is playing me!


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Jan 6, 2014
Lewiston, Maine
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Well, like you said - it's only been a week. But it sounds like your sunny is making herself at home! Congrats!

PS - don't try to outsmart her. It's not possible. I'm a pretty intelligent guy and I can't tell you how many times Skittles has outsmarted me. I don't even bother to try anymore cause he makes me feel stupid when I do. LOL


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Sep 12, 2012
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It's quite possible that Tequila feels more comfortable with smaller people. Or maybe there's something about your son that draws her to him.

Was she a pet store bird raised there? Or was she on consignment? If she was previously owned by someone, then maybe she could have been a young person's pet?


Aug 25, 2014
Pittsburgh, PA USA
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I'm the favorite - now 2nd - My 22 year old son became the favorite over a year after we had Nibbler and he is still the favorite. She knows sound of the door of my sons car closing and freaks out and doesn't want to have nothing to do with me soon as he knows my sons home! Actually my son doesn't pay as much attention and/or hold Nibbler as much as I do!

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