Cage aggression


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Nov 27, 2022
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My crimson bellied conure, Tequila, has always been very hormonal and seems to hate me as she always tries to attack me and she screams a lot too. I've made a lot of progress with her by changing her diet and routine slightly. The one thing that I'm making no progress on is her cage aggression. She never used to be aggressive in her cage but the last few months she has been and it's been getting worse. Outside of the cage she's stopped trying to attack me and seems to be back to how I remember her when I first got her, but inside the cage I only have to glance at her and she tries fighting me through the bars. Getting her out of the cage is hard too as she wants to attack my hand constantly.

I usually get her to go straight from her cage to the carry case and then outside in the aviary as it's the summer and I put them out there most days but it takes a while to get her to go in. She does share a cage with another conure and I wonder if that's causing the extra aggression, though the other conure is so sweet and I have no problems with her at all. If Tequila is in a cage one her own she just screams constantly. I had her on her own for a month and she was very unhappy without another bird in the cage with her. I completely changed the cage a couple of months ago by taking out everything and putting only new things in but that didn't help, and then today I've put some new toys in and she's just as aggressive still. I had problems with her screaming constantly and not playing with her toys but she's very happy in her cage now and does play and rarely screams, it's just the aggression that I'd like to fix if possible. None of my other birds are this territorial, and she's never behaved like this in the three years I've had her other than the last few months.

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