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May 23, 2018
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I thought I'd create this thread much later because the aviary will be built in 2 years but today we had a small argument how to built it 😝

The idea I like the most is to build the aviary and build a tunnel connecting it and a window in our house, which would direct to their inside aviary (no cages anymore).
My dad said that almost nobody leaving in a house keeps parrots inside and it's better to build a separated small building next to the aviary - I don't like this idea and I disagree that almost nobody keeps parrots inside because I know that many people do it - most of people who keep parrots only outside are breeders who have 10+ birds and I'm not surprised by it - but only 4 birds are gonna be in our aviary

My mom is worried that parrots may be too stupid to learn going through the tunnel. My question is how do you think - can they learn this way between their outside and inside aviaries? IMO they can however the beginnings could be hard - I had to catch Bourkes few times to show them the way to their cages, later they started coming back without our help/we just have to show them when it's time to return. It's more complicated with Angela, I'm not sure if she would be brave enough to go out


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Jun 5, 2019
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My parrots have whole-house liberty. They have learned to go to different areas of the house for different reasons. Usually, the reason is to find me. The breeders use filial imprinting to make captive parrots bond to humans. Such parrots will find the human(s) if you put them away from the humans, in an aviary or just another room of the house.

I love giving parrots other, same-species parrots. I decided that allopreening is the greatest gift I can give the parrots here. (Flight is a right; not a gift.) Well, they do enjoy other parrots, but, they seem to place a high value on human interaction, for better or worse.

I think outdoor time is great for their health, both mental and physical. I commend you for building yours an outdoor aviary. I had planned to do that here, but I was thinking of moving, so I paused the plan.

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