The peanut riddle.


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Sep 7, 2006
I gave my little guys a few peanuts today, but rather than put them in a dish, they are in one of those things that they have to work for them. After a while George (Rosella) has worked it out and managed to get a couple of nuts, Errol (Rosella) is watching him then going up and getting one. Now poor old Flynn (Red Rump) hasn't got the idea at all, instead of trying where everyone else has she is chewing the wood and trying to get some that way, She has been busy working at it all day and George is just going up there and getting one out easy as anything. Flynn has decided that her way is the right way, if she carries on this way they will be all gone by the time she gets in there. Hehehehe. Might have to give her one later on for all her hard work. :D

The Bourkes, being so laid back, have decided that all that work just for one peanut is really not worth it, so haven't even looked at it.

The little Linnies have decided that it makes a great swing, and it makes noise, :04: so they are quite happy to swing on theirs, and make the noise. They don't eat peanuts anyway so they don't care if they get them out or not.

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