Too much egg laying?


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Sep 19, 2022
Cockatiel, Conure, Parakeets
Hey everyone my bird Sushi just laid another egg. So far she has laid May 2023, Dec 2023, &March 2024.

Should I be worried? Is this starting to become chronic? Her eggs are not fertilized. She doesn’t care for them so I end up cooking them for her. She is not around the male unsupervised they each have their own cage & when she gets hormonal I discourage it & move her away. I know his presence still encourages her.
Should I change her diet? She eats seed mix, chop, Mazuri pellets (which took me forever to get her on a pellet diet. I have tried roundy & Harrison. She wouldn’t eat them).
I try to prevent it by giving her 12 hours of sleep. I switched her cage in December and about last week I put her back in her old cage which caused her to be nesty & now we have an egg. I now switched her cage & toys around but what will happen when she gets nesty in that cage? I only have so many cages to switch her around.
I would appreciate your thoughts! I do plan on talking to my vet.

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