Kiwi layed... again. Time for a diet change.


May 10, 2018
Quebec, Canada
Kiwi - Green Cheek Conure
Hi guys,

I'm back cause my little green chicken decided to ring in the nice weather with a little surprise again this year! 😭

Since last year, I listened to the advice most of you guys gave me, so preemptively, I kept an eye on nesting behaviors, switched around everything in her cage, monitored for hormonal behaviors (mating with toys etc.) and all of a sudden today while we were in the car she decided she was comfortable enough to lay an egg in the bird backpack I had her in. I honestly didn't notice anything different from her usual behavior other than her throwing her food out of her bowl more than usual. (I assume now she thought the bowl was the perfect spot for her egg?). But all these behaviors happened within 4-5 days!!

I went right back home, put her and the egg in the cage and left her in the room in the dark to calm down, she is now disinterested with the egg and wants nothing to do with it, I found her sleeping on a perch and not brooding it so, I'll just leave it in the cage for now.

Clearly changing the environment doesn't work so I guess I'll change her diet hoping that's what the issue is? I'm also beginning to suspect, I recently got into a new relationship and my boyfriend comes over often and really likes the bird. I've told him all the basics to not make her extra hormonal, aka: to pet the bird only on the head and I'm always around in case she tries to 'mate' with him or be hormonal with him. The most she does is prefer to be on his shoulder over mine and maybe will preen a couple of his facial hair but nothing aggressive or hormonal as far as I know/can see. I know she's a female bird and has always loved cuddling up with my guy friends so maybe him being around so often has made her hormonal but unfortunately I'm not willing to get rid of him, so her diet is my next step lol 🥲

I know someone had mentioned hormonal bird tea and changing her diet from zupreem since it has a lot of sugar and carbs, I've been looking around pet stores around me but haven't found any locally, does anyone order online? I'm from montreal, canada. If I can have a lot of choice and buy in person that would be great but I guess for more specialized bird foods I'm going to have to resort to buying online.

Any tips, tricks, sites, or products helps. How do you guys deal with your birds laying?

Thanks again,

(a very stressed out) Lydia 😵‍💫

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