what do you feed your quaker?


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Well I am just trying to find out what kinds of diets other Quaker owners keep their fid on. What are some good pellet brands or pellet/seed mixes that are good for Quakers? What are some good treats? What is your birds favorite treat? My baby will not be home for a couple more months but trying to gain some knowledge ahead of time. I am already aware that fruits and vegetables will be part of the daily diet but I am trying to get some ideas. I'm also going to check with the breeder to see what she is feeding him. Let's hear your favorites.
i don't have a quaker, but some good pellet brands are: harrisons, higgins, kaytee, and lafebers. some good treats are nutriberries, unsalted sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, unsalted un buttered popcorn, millet spray, and plain oatmeal cooked in water. you can also buy cookable bird food at petco, im not sure what its called but oscar loves it! you can also chop up fruits and veggies and put them in a ice cube tray and top it off with a little water. let it freeze and then pop it out and serve! another good idea is birdie bread. hope this helped and good luck with yourr future baby!!!
I feed my Quaker predominantly sprouts. I sprout this mix. It's very easy and he LOVES it. I also offer a little of whatever we've got that he can have. Lots of kale, carrots, squash, peppers, zucchini, bread or pasta occasionally etc. He gets homemade bird bread a couple times a week, maybe a scrambled egg or a chicken leg. I also offer Roudybush to munch in the evenings.
I feed my quaker higgens conure seed fruit veggie and nut mix.In addition i make a mix of bean mix for soup with quinua and brown rice and corn that i freeze in two day amts. i also make birdy bread with veg, corn peppers, fruit cinnamon, eggs,corn muffin mix and ground up zupreem fruit pellets etc bake and freeze in one inch cubes. he also gets a dish of fruits and veg every day. today was broccoli, sugar snap peas baby carrot. apple. hard boiled egg sliced up, plain pasta, i use barilla multigrain pasta, i make my own dog food so i save the birds some of the grnd chicken brown rice mix. small amts plain yogurt. he also likes a couple of flakes of fiber one honey flake cereal as a treat. good luck you are going to love your quaker. i also have canary and a new 5 mo old female red bellied and they all eat the same except the canary has his own seed but he eats all the rest. Alison and sweetie pie:D
I forgot to mention that I posted the recipie I made up for the birdy bread on the recipie forum entitled new birdy bread recipie a couple of days ago. Alison and sweetie pie:D
Ralph's favorite brands of pellets are the ZuPreem Fruit Blend (small size) and Pretty Bird small fruit-flavored pellets. He gets a little millet every day, and a few safflower seeds as a treat. He loves fresh green peas and cooked corn, and cooked grains (quinoa is his favorite); he gets a variety of other vegetables every day too. His favorite treat is plain air-popped popcorn (no oil, butter or salt), and once in a while, a tiny piece of extra-sharp cheddar cheese. He also likes salt-free whole wheat crackers as an occasional treat, and whole wheat cinnamon toast.
i plan to feed my quaker(not getting for 2 more months) zupreem natural. that is what my breeder raises them on so no switching over so it is easy:D as for seeds, i didnt know the brand mattered that much because a seed is as seed. so i am now wondering a good seed mix brand.
Mine are feed a seed mix and pellets and lots of fresh veggies and fruit plus they have a liking for raisins and honey nut Cheerios. Plus millet spray once a week oh! Mustnt for get their fav dry Marconi.
My babies were 13 weeks when I got them and on seeds. I bought Zupreem fruit pellets and soaked them in pineapple juice and then slowly reduced the juice. They previously refused Harrisons High Potency but I kept offering and they just started eating that this week! :) They had been refusing all fresh food but CNYGUY suggested tinier pieces and now they are eating vegetables! They like brocolli, brussel sprouts, potatoes and rice the best.
Harrison's. Quakers are supposed to eat fine, but Quincey prefers super fine. It's super healthy. She's on high potency now, but this month well switch her to adult lifetime.
I give her one and a half tsp of it with veggie supplements (peppers, carrots, tofu, cooked sweet potato, bonsai choy, sugar snap peas, etc).
my quaker came to me so so spoiled so he only eats certain things and the others he slings out to the floor. He doesnt like pellets much but I do still offer them. all seed diets arent good because of fat content so I do give seed but not just seeds. HE LOVES APPLES, PEACHES AND BANANAS. he also likes shredded wheat cereal. they are particular little guys thats for sure.
I feed my Quaker Beaker a good pellet diet with fruits and vegetables. When we first got him he did the head bob beg. As he has settled in over the past few months, he has stopped doing it....until yesterday. One of my kids dropped a small chunk of crust from a Pop Tart. Beaker picked it up and ate it and started bobbing his head again. This morning, when he saw a Pop Tart he put on quite the head bobbing show!
Our quaker eats a mix of Vitacraft cockateil seed, Zupreem Garden Goodness, cheerios and raw peanuts. She also gets a mix of fresh veggies daily and scrambled egg every couple of days. She loves roasted chicken. Recently she hasn't been eating her veggies/fruit very much and I am a bit worried about that. She seems to eat them if I offer from my hand but when they are in her bowl they just sit there. Oh, she loves swiss cheese and she gets a bit of that once or twice a week.
momto3 I am not to computer savy so I bumped the birdy bread recepie back up to todays posts :D

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