1. A

    Hi! I'm new here. Will the parakeets be easily injured at home?

    Hello everyone, there are my parakeet couples, I call them Sparrow Magpie. For a long time, I just kept them in a cage. But recently, I just think about releasing them to fly at home, but I don't know if they will be easily injured outside her cage, such as bruises, or accidentally eating...
  2. 2

    I need help!!

    I have a 1.5 year old burger and I’ve been meaning to teach him some tricks. Unfortunately, he does not understand the concept that he has to do something for treats. Whenever I try to train him he just goes right for the treat and gets aggravated when I don’t give it to him. How should I go...
  3. jBurn801

    White poop please help.

    I noticed this morning that one of my budgies is pooping white and he's pooping more often than usual. I cleaned the cage and I've been watching him all day. He's been acting normal (singing, preening, eating, drinking, and playing). I've been observing his poop color throughout the day and...
  4. C

    Parakeet vent blocked?

    I?ve noticed a few days ago that one of my parakeets?s vent is blocked by parakeet poop possibly. I would?ve take him to the vet at first opportunity, but since I?m a minor and my mom didn?t want to take him I couldn?t really do anything except hope it becomes better. However, it seems as if...
  5. I

    Budgie with huge calcified growths on feet

    Hi everyone, a friend of a friend that lives in India has a bunch of parakeets they keep in a cage outside. They sent me these pictures of one of their parakeets with these huge calcified-looking growths on their feet and I?ve searched the Internet for what it could be but I can?t find anything...
  6. D

    HELP! Budgie vomiting and eating it

    I've had my budgie, Afina, for about six months now. She came from a pet store (I know, I know, it's not something I'm proud of). I'm not sure about her age. After adopting her, the pet store recommended a specific brand of food (ZuPreem Fruit Blend) as it's what they fed the birds in store...
  7. N

    Is this normal for a molting budgie?

    My budgies left wing has all her primary feathers, while her left has none. She lost them all from molting, and seems healthy, I'm just worried cuz now she cant fly
  8. A

    Territorial Budgie wants cage to himself

    Hi, I’ve had my blue budgie for almost 6 years. He had a cage mate until last year when he passed in the night. Until recently, he has been alone and actually kind of happier without a cage mate. He has a large cage more suited for 3-4 budgies to himself. A few days ago I got a lovely yellow...
  9. Ava.rg

    2 female budgies and one male?

    Hello so long story short would it be okay to keep 2 female budgies and 1 male together? So I have had 4 budgies for about 1 year and I had two budgies in one cage and two budgies in another but awhile ago one of the budgies passed away (about 5 months so the companion budgie has quarantined)...
  10. C

    My budgie is sick and I don't know why

    Hi all. Sorry to make my first post here a somber one. Introduction: I have a budgie named Trickster. I have had her for about 6 years now and she is a lovely, inquisitive girl. She loves interacting with new objects, flying around, and exploring. She loves to play with fingers and enjoys...
  11. P

    Help with friend's parakeet

    Hello. Sorry for making a thread, but I would really like some help regarding my friend's parakeet that i was made to watch over the next two weeks or so. Im worried that it might not be getting the best care because of the last one they owned, and i want to do anything that could help while its...
  12. T

    Hand Training

    I have a new budgie and am curious what everyones opinions are on the best way to hand train them. Ive had him for about 5 days so far and its understandable that he's still afraid of me. When should I start trying to hand train? How should I go about it? Whats worked best for you guys?
  13. T


    I got a new budgie 5 days ago and I’m new to owning birds. I’ve been keeping him on my desk, constantly showing him my hands and talking to him and talking to him while I clean/ refill his cage needs... I have two problems. He won’t take treats out of my hand or even stand on it, and he has a...
  14. S

    Budgie Not Wanting To Be Held

    I have had my budgie since mid May, and I love her. The only problem is that she doesn't really let anyone hold her. She actually seems to have gotten worse, not better. I looked up a method to get her to stop pecking, and it worked perfectly, but she has come up with a new tactic. Every time i...
  15. Ava.rg

    Conure aggression towards budgie!!! HELP!!!

    Hi everyone! So I recently got a new budgie about a week and a half ago to be with my sisters budgie who is now mine. I changed my sisters budgie’s diet and put her in a big cage with toys compared to her crammed cage with other budgies. So I’ve been working on taming them. They used to be...
  16. K

    Constant Calling and Squawking

    Hi there, I have a 4 year old female parakeet. This is my first female, I've always had males before this. No matter how much attention I give her she is not happy the second I stop playing with her and that will continue on until I'm back giving her attention. I could be two feet away doing a...
  17. T

    Possibly Sick Parakeet?

    Hello there! I'm here on the forum to ask some questions for my mom and about our English Budgie, Sunny. Sunny is about three years old now and has been healthy the whole time that he's lived with us. I think the most abnormal thing about him is that he molts a LOT. I personally don't think...
  18. M

    Help? Should I be worried?

    My birds nose when I got him/her was white, and now its changing color. I believe its called the cere? What can I do to help my bird?
  19. B

    Our budgie is more relaxed, but calls constantly

    Hello! Several months ago I posted on here about adopting a budgie, Selene, after she'd been dumped by a previous owner. In the time since then she's started to blossom, moving out from one spot in a corner to play with her toys more and hop around. She's also not freaking out and zooming...
  20. M

    Separating baby budgies?

    Hi, 10 days ago, two baby budgies hatched in my cage. They are doing well. However, the last egg just hatched today. The 10-day old baby budgies are quite large now and the newborn budgie is very small. I am scared the newborn baby will be neglected by the mother or injured by their older...