1. Kitty16

    Haven’t been on here for awhile so here’s an update.

    Milo (M) and Skittle (F) have been doing better but we still aren’t fully bonded, Milo will easily and quickly jump onto my hand for millet but not so much for Skittle, she’s still scared of my hands but she goes on my hands a lot more than she used to, I recently got them new friends 2 weeks...
  2. EngineerGaming

    Accidentally closed door on my parakeet

    Hey folks, just wanna share something that happens this morning. A few hours ago, I took my parakeets out into a small sunroom so that they could fly around. But this particular parakeet's name is Clyde. After I got all of the parakeets out of their cage and into the sunroom, I left the room...
  3. KazutheBudgie

    Parakeet suddenly freaking out? (Update)

    Hello, I'm a fairly new parakeet/budgie owner and my little guy has been kind of spooking me lately. I've had him for around almost a year now, coming up to around 9 months, and he's a very happy and healthy bird. He sleeps soundly in his cage, has free flight all around my room (and the house...
  4. M

    Health concern on budgie's cere

    Hello! I am not an owner of budgies myself, but my grandmother is. She has 3 budgies (2 males, 1 female, at least 6 years old), all in the same cage. Upon looking at her budgies today, I noticed that the female has an overgrown cere. I can't tell if it's covering her nostrils, but apparently...
  5. Kitty16

    Budgie bath!

    So I misted them a few days ago and they were fine with it but then I lost my spray bottle.. I got a new spray bottle and today I misted them and they instantly started preening, she mainly just wanted millet but she was preening, here’s a picture of him after I misted them.
  6. Kitty16

    Budgie petting.

    So my budgies are used to my hands enough to start going on them but when do I start petting them? I always see a bunch of videos of people petting their parrots but how do I know when I get to that point to where they’re bonded enough? I’ve tried to pet them a few times but it just confuses...
  7. Kitty16

    Toy making questions!

    So I made a toy from some toilet paper rolls that I’d like to fill with paper Easter grass because I’ve seen many toys have Easter grass but I would like to see a second opinion from you guys, and since I’m asking this, toilet paper rolls are fine for them right? (I haven’t given them the toy I...
  8. kimoakley

    Is my lineolated parakeets preen gland impacted?

    Just looking for some advice in case i'm overreacting. I've never really paid attention to the gland before so i'm not sure if this looks unusual. My parakeet is 3 years old and the sex is unknown. If I'm not just being paranoid and there is a real issue here doesn't anyone know how to fix it...
  9. D

    Found A LOST Plum-Headed Parakeet and Need Advice

    Hi, last night my neighbors found a parakeet in their backyard, specifically a plum headed parakeet. I already have two parakeets and a spare clean cage on hand so after catching it I brought it home while we look for it’s owners. Does anyone know if they have any specific dietary needs or any...
  10. caintowers

    My new budgie was traumatised on day 3... advice please!

    Hello y'all and thanks in advance. I've been wanting a pet bird for years, and years, and years, and finally felt I was in a place where I could adopt one. I purchased a beautiful blue budgie and got him set up in a lovely cage with everything a bird could desire. He spent the first day...
  11. J

    Had A Trio Of Budgies. One Died & I Feel POWERLESS On What To Do Next(THEY ARE LONELY)

    I had 3 Budgies 1 Green Male(3-4 years Old) 1 White Female(3-4 years old) (Passed Away) 1 Blue Female(7 years old) They used to all be in the same big cage, in the same room. However, earlier of this month: Both females got sick. The White one with a tumor, and the other with a prolapsed...
  12. H


    My budgie who for privacy I'm just gonna refer to as T. T has never trusted me since i brought her home, she had a cage mate who died awhile back who ill call K, K was always the brave one who would try and bite me if i even entered my hand into their cage, while T would just run or hide. K's...
  13. I

    male chasing around female

    hi! new here and i wanted to get some advice. so, i've had my budgies for a while now. yogurt (female, since 2020?) blue (male, since 2020?) vert (male, since mid 2020?) (question marks because i'm not so sure) i have had previous budgies before! (2018-2019 but gave them away due to such...
  14. ARochester

    Volunteering as a parakeets sitter in NYC

    Hi everyone, this is Tai, 25 yrs old, a parakeet owner and lover. I am willing to offer free bird hosting and sitting to bird owners who need to travel or not be at home for a few days:-) The reason why I can do this is that I'm crazy about birds and really want to have one. But because I'm a...
  15. M

    help please

    hi guys..needed some help. ive had my birds for a long time and just recently moved into a new place with them. my white bird on the left keeps her head down while sleeping on the wooden stick. she sleeps in a vertical position with head down. is that normal? please help me i am so confused...
  16. Milkteeth

    Superb/Barraband parrot help!

    Hi all!! So… I stumbled into 2 superb parrots today! A kind customer from my work invited me and another coworker over- she has to move soon, and is slowly rehoming her birds to make this easier. When I came in and began speaking to her, she immediately showed me her two Barrabands, and was...
  17. H

    Need Help, Parakeet’s strange behaviour

    Hello, my birdie has been loosing feathers this week and now started feeling bad. She crosses her wings in a strange manner, is exhausted, moves strangely and is shaking. Most of the time she is sitting in strange places or on me when outside the cage, when in cage she goes down to the bottom...
  18. R

    Help identifying sex of new budgie, and color mutation if possible.

    I'm looking for help with the grey bird (Stormy) in the following pictures, it is full flighted and was not hand tame at all so it bumped its nose a bit on walls before it found its cage, visited vet and bird is completely fine aside from the bruises and scraped up cere, I waited a week for the...
  19. SandmanHDdddddd

    Budgies cant stop fighting!

    Hello, So I used to have 2 pairs of parakeets until one of the males passed away. For the last three months, they've been living normally in their large cage together. But for the last 3 weeks, the females have been at each other's necks. It got so bad that we decided to remove the single...
  20. R

    Help sexing my Clear Eye American Yellow budgie