What just happened...

Sep 13, 2017
Sun Conure
So a lot just happened.
So i was just making dinner, when i heard peachy screaming.
They seemed more desperate than usual so i went to check it out.
As i turned the corner, i saw her. She was swinging around WITH HER NECK STUCK IN A TOY.
She was thrashing around so much that when i went to help her she fell from the top of her cage to the bottom. I immediately
scooped her up and didn’t let her out of my sight for the rest of the day.
I got rid of the toy of course. She’s drinking, eating, and her poop looks normal. The only thing is that she won’t let me do is
scratch under her beak. She usually loves it but i think it's bruised.
Should i get a vet visit to really make sure she’s okay?
I’m just so shaken up.
If she’s eating and drinking and eliminating well without other signs of trauma like being quiet or otherwise acting strange I think baby is ok. Safe to wait til morning unless you feel in your gut otherwise.
Oh, how awful! Glad you were able to get to her in time and save her!!!

What kind of toy is it, in case others may have this same kind of toy? It's just crazy what birds will end up getting stuck in.... a vet check wouldn't hurt just to make sure she is okay, but you can use your own judgment on this. Again, glad you got there in time! Sometimes these stories don't end up with a happy ending.
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Thanks for soothing my nerves guys! The toy was one of those big log bird kabobs. She got her face wedged between the toy and the string!
I'm glad you were there to save them. It must have been a terrifying for both of you :(
After getting Luna I felt one of her toys was dangerous and removed it.
it's a wooden toy shaped like a ladder. The horizontal rungs had wooden blocks and plastic rings on the horizontal rungs.
I saw her stick her head in between the rungs and rotate her head. from that position she would not be able to remove her head.

Took that toy out and put something else in it's place.

While your at it, check the quick links, make sure they are really tight. Parrots like to play with those, unscrewing them, and get their beaks stuck in them. Trust me, I know from first hand exp. I don't let Salty have any toys that he can get his head thru. Amazing the trouble they can get into , no?
Ditto on those links.
I have a long (unashamedly paranoid) list of toy types I won't use, yeah, and tried-and-tested old-reliables.
And I don't experiment much anymore.
Omg, I'm so glad you were there to save her and that she is doing ok. Thanks for sharing the link to the exact toy, I don't have one like that but I've always been worried about something like that happening to Clover.

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