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Sep 22, 2007
Yellow Crowned Amazon~Elvis
I have a few questions for ya'll :-D

Elvis seems to be super cool with me all day long. When my husband comes home in the evening though, he has a major attitude problem with me and is cool with him generally speaking. I will so much as talk to him from across the room and he flashes his eyes and raises his wings a bit. Just now, I moved his perch like we do in the evenings sometimes for movie time and he did the big ol' display of agression where he pins his eyes, brings up his wings real big (sorta like halfway up) and fans his tail out. He also adds a sort of hissing sound. It's creepy and it hurts my feelings ;)! Oh, I also read that eye pinning can also be a sign of readiness to learn if not accompanied with certain other body language.

I'm not sure if I should ignore it, the guy I adopted him from said to hold my finger up (like number one, index finger, that was what he was used to) and just firmly say no. From what I read though it seems that giving negative behavior too much attention it reinforces it. I guess I just need some help figuring out what I should be doing so I'm confident I'm doing the right thing by my bird. I want to be a good bird mama and this is really hard on me. Thanks!

(Also, is it normal for him to be WAY more talkative in the evenings? He is just busting out left and right with fun new stuff :)
It's normal for birds to be more vocal in the morning and especially the evenings. Think about it in bird-world with their flock. Around dusk is when the birds start calling to each other to return home (or to return to the flock). So that's definitely normal, and say goodbye to quiet dinners.

Also, birds have a flock call that they will call you with. When I am talking to Sisqo, and then I go out of site, he starts calling for me very loudly. I answer him back, and it keeps going until I get back into the room, or I just start ignoring him.
Kai's been like that, too! Last night she said things I'd never heard before! "Come Here!" "Are you there?" "Ya da da da!" (from elmo's world) "mine" and tons of other things. What's with this?? She's been more aggressive than usual but I just wouldn't let her be mean so she just stopped... but the talking 24/7 stayed! Go figure.
It's normal for birds to be more vocal in ... the evenings.

Hamlet and Mac go thorough, what I call, "the roll" when they go to bed ... it only takes Hammie about 2 seconds ... he doesn't talk ... on the other hand, Mac goes though his whole vocabulary ... "gimme a kiss" "step-up" "Hammie" (he says Hammie's name, but has yet to learn his own ... *L*) it's really neat ... and if he's cuddled up with us he'll go through roll and we will know it's time for bed ... it's really cute ... kinda my favorite part of the day!

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