What you can put together?


Oct 8, 2006
South Africa
Dory - Cockatiel
I bought a new cage for the tiels today. It is big enough to accmodate my tiels and the ringneck. Do you think its wise to throw them all together? They are all now together and it seems to be going fine, they have enough space to stay away from eachothers "personal space".

But the question is, can you throw a ringneck in with tiels, he was never aggressive but just want to make sure!!


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Sep 7, 2006
A couple of years ago when my beloved ringneck was with me he was in a large cage with tiels, rosellas, red rump, and they all got on really well, We had a few scuffles but they were just little spats, more like my kids arguing (my human kids that is) They all lived together very happily for years and got on very well.

So to answer your question Yes you can put them together.

A lot of people don't think we should mix species together but in my mind they mix in the wild.

Don't forget we want to see pics. :D :D I love your little ringneck he is beautiful. :smile015: Kinda makes me want to get a couple more.

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