When is the ideal time to train my green cheek?


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Apr 10, 2015
I have an 8 week old green cheek. His wings were clipped when I bought him. I bought him on April 9th, so it's only been 9 days. He's very friendly now. He's completely unafraid of me or anything in his new home, and he likes to run around and spend time with anyone in the house.

It's still very difficult to control his behaviour, because he can be extraordinarily stubborn about things like step-up or -down. He just does them whenever he feels like it.

I'll take my time with the potty training, and teach him slowly, because I don't feel that it'll be perfected unless he's fully flighted again. However, I'd like to start training him with speaking, behavioural training, and flying on command.

When would be like the most optimal time and age for him to start his training? He does seem very easily distracted, but it might be because this is still a relatively new home for him. At the same time, he picks up things at a fast pace - ie. he stopped crapping on my body after about 4 or 5 times when he saw I react negatively to being shat on.


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Feb 4, 2013
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You can start right away! I think I began training my caique about the second day I had her, but that's because I was excited. Training is one of my favorite things :) It sounds like he'll learn quickly with the potty training -- I trained my caique to poo before I let her out of the cage, and this has been really helpful. If you just wait until he poos to open the cage door and open it immediately after he poos, he'll probably learn that pooing in the cage means he gets to come out. For training step up and step down I recommend target training him (if you haven't heard of this just do a quick search and you'll get a lot of information). Having him target trained will be really useful for training other tricks like step up/down, recall, spin in a circle, go through a tube, or basically anything that involves moving him from one place to another.

These are a few great training resources: http://www.goodbirdinc.com/barbaraheidenreich-bio.html, How to Tame & Train Parrot - Step by Step Taming Guide, ParrotFeather.com | Positive Reinforcement for Parrots

As far as being easily distracted, I think that's true of almost all birds. Then again, I have a caique...anyway, I wouldn't worry about it. Short training sessions are often best, and I usually aim for about 5-10 minutes for mine. Sometimes I do two or even three in a day, but making them short keeps your bird attentive and interested in the training.

Good luck!


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Mar 18, 2015
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I find training Kyo in the morning when she is hungry works best! Makes her happy to work for treats :)

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