Why is he acting like this?


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Feb 5, 2013
Hello! So I've had my parrot for about 8-9 months. And he was abused because he has a big fear of hands. So about 3 months into owning him I got another GCC. I was told both are males but I'm not sure. Well they have gotten along really well. And Dredd (the first parrot I got) seems to be really happy to have a buddy. Lately Dredd has been aggressive towards me. I don't know what it is but he has just became really aggressive for no reason. On the other hand Chico (Second GCC I got) has been his normal self. Can you tell me why Dredd has been acting like this. I thought it was just a phase but hes been acting like the for a month now. And whatever it is I'd like to fix it.

B.T.W: I take them out everyday (1-3 hours). I feed them nuts,pallets, and fruits. They have lots of toys etc.

Dredd: Normal GCC 6 y/o
Chico: Yellow sided GCC 3 y/o
It's hard to say why as we're not there and don't know details. Have you changed anything, anything at all that could have caused him to become aggressive towards you? Maybe a different hair style, time that you take them out, or energy that you approach them with? Sometimes little changes like that can cause your birds to think it's not really you.

My amazons freak out when my hair isn't tied back, especially if I have up wrapped in a towel.
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Nope everything has been the same. We had to take care of a dog for about 3 weeks. And I wasnt able to let them out as much. Could that be it?
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I made the same mistake. I got my GCC a buddy who he loves now he hates me. They've bonded so well that now I'm an intruder. I'm not sure what to do either besides separating them which I hate to do because now they've been together for at least 8 months.

My little buddy is now a full on attack bird. If I even stand near the cage he tries to reach through to bite me. He's a year old in December so I know it's not sexual maturity.

Sorry I don't have better advice.
Nope everything has been the same. We had to take care of a dog for about 3 weeks. And I wasnt able to let them out as much. Could that be it?

It could be. Once I got one of my budgies a friend too, once the novelty died down she started hanging out with me more (of course, she got jealous he got treats and other special things when he hung out with me). Bribery seems to work most of the time. ;)
Could be hormones. Could be the dog. Could be a variety of reasons.

You might want to consider DNA sexing both to ensure you know what their sexes are.
My conure just turned 1 and the past month he turned very aggressive and was attacking us and was just really mean to the point we were scared to walk past him when he was out. We ran out of options and read that clipping him could help so we did 3 weeks ago today and I couldn't be happier with my decision. He instantly turned into the sweetest bird ever and hasn't bitten anyone once since he's been clipped. He can still fly quite well but it totally changed his attitude
It happened exactly the same way for a client of mine when she added a second GCC bought from me. The first one became possessive of the new bird and she was the intruder. I had her put both cages in different locations so that they could hear each other but not see each other. The only time the birds spent time together was in the evening with the client, in a neutral room like her bedroom with really low lights. Low lighting is important because birds don't fly when they can't see well and are not aggressive then either, so she was able to have both on her, both in cuddling mode. It was also a relaxing time for the birds and herself so tension was very low for all. She did that for 1 week, every night. It was quality time for all 3.

And yes, I trimmed her bird's flight feathers too (the aggressor).

It worked like a charm and they are now 3 happy campers. They both love her and the birds are now housed in the same cage.....they are both girls.
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Sounds like your first bird is just protective of the new bird. Maybe even sees him as a mate. I have read that there is a possibility of your original bird's bond with you decreasing after the introduction of a second bird, especially if housed together. He might be seeing you as a threat or competition for the affections of the new bird.

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