1. T

    Sophie and Solstice (GCCs)

    Hi! I'm relatively new to conures, but I'm having a great time getting to know my green cheeks and their quirky personalities! I acquired Sophie (a yellow-sided green-cheeked conure) about 2.5 months ago. Unfortunately, I recently found out that she has an enlarged heart, but she's getting...
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    When mom catches you getting mango-faced. "Whatcha doin'?"
  3. Parham

    Need help\advice. new Green cheeked Conure. 8 weeks old

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and and first time pet owner. 12 days ago I decided to get a GCC, I've been meaning to get a bird for about a year now but after barely surviving a very bad case of covid, I decided to do so as soon as I am healed and capable. I've been stalking birds ads for a...
  4. aprilrain

    GCC wont stop screaming to get my attention no matter what I do.

    The Issue: My green cheek has become extraordinarily clingy & he screams whenever he knows I'm home but out of sight. It's extremely high-pitched & can go on forever. I'm trying so so hard but it's not getting better, so I'm asking for help. - I know Conures are loud, I'm not expecting him to...
  5. S

    Green cheek conures not getting along

    Hello everyone. So allow me to get right to the chase. I am currently the owner of two GCCs, Hawk and Swoop. I have had Hawk for about a year and a half and have had him since he was weened (assumed male, non DNA tested) and he has been the sweetest and most playful thing imaginable. He was...
  6. shohagysaima

    HELP! New GCC Baby Hatchling Lying On Back

    Hi guys, my green cheek Conure layed and hatched some eggs the first week of August this year and one of the babies seems to be lying on it’s back all the time. Is this normal? The mother is feeding the baby whenever and the abdomen is bigger than the crop. Is this normal too? I’ve been my...
  7. T

    Exclamation Bird has piece of bell toy wedged onto beak, help!

    My two year old Green Cheek Conure somehow got the piece from the middle of her bell toy wedged onto the bottom part of her beak. It has a slit on the side where it slides onto the metal ring, and that slit is jammed onto the side of her beak (Like a piercing..) I tried to wiggle it off a little...
  8. E

    green cheek conure mean out of cage

    hi my year old gcc has behavioral issues and when hes let out of his cage he bites and screams and wont let u touch him, in his cage hes nice and loves getting pet but out is the opposite i would like some tips on how to deal with his behavioral issues:)-
  9. B

    GCC plucking, overpreening, or off-season molting?

    I am "boarding" GCC Kona for a few months while her owner is abroad. She has been losing feathers since (and before) she arrived with me, even though it's not time for her usual molt according to her owner. She was with someone else for ~3 weeks before coming to me, and that person really...
  10. P

    New rescue GCC - please help

    Hello 👋 we have recently taken in a rescue GCC (Pepito) and I have a few things I'm concerned about so thought I'd write my own post after looking through a few threads. Firstly her diet is not not great. She was previously fed only seed mix and human junk food ie. McDonald's fries, ice cream...
  11. N

    Complete change in my GCC Rio

    Hi, I hope someone is able to help as I am very worried about my little conure Rio. He is a male, about 3 years old. He came to me just over a year ago after living with my farther and his wife since weening. Rio while living with my farther took to his wife and only his wife. He is a very...
  12. lisazartsi

    Baby Cuddles

    Piña (our pineapple GCC) is now about 14 weeks old and her personality is really coming out. She loves being the center of attention. She plays very well in her cage with her toys and does this adorable cheep when she finds one of the little treats I've hidden in her foraging toys. We have her...
  13. A

    GCC Vomit or Regurgitation?

    Hello everyone! I’m very new here so I apologize for any mistakes. I have recently become an owner to a beautiful 4 month old cinnamon GCC named Monkey (getting a dna sexing soon). All has been absolutely great other than this one issue. I have owned a fair share of cockatiels and budgies in...
  14. A

    Looking for GCC (m) and Cockatiel (F)/ NE area

    Hello! Looking for additional members for my flock and figured I'd check here first. 1) Male conure 1-7 y/o. I currently have a male maroon bellied conure who is desperately trying to play with the cockatiel and she wants none of it. Hoping to get him a companion whether they end up being cage...
  15. A

    Multiple Conure pairs

    Hi, I have an Avery and am wanting to buy a pair of sun conures and Green cheek conures and put them in it together and am just wondering if the birds will be okay with each other. Thanks
  16. Ava.rg

    Separation issues?

    So I’ve had my greencheeck conure baby for about 2 and a half weeks now and it’s like we’ve never been apart. He loves me so much. Which Im so very greatful for because when I first got him he wouldn’t really interact with me and always bit. I was so sad. (Thanks for everyone’s tips who got him...
  17. Ava.rg

    Normal size conure?

    Do pineapple gcc not get as big as normal gcc? My baby is only 8 weeks. Will he get bigger or is he just small? He’s about the size of a lovebird. I just saw the green cheeks in petco and they look much bigger. I mean I know he won’t grow a crazy amount but will he grow at all anymore? I wont...
  18. R

    Please help my girlfriend and me!

    Hello everyone it’s with a very heavy heart I’m writing this today I have woken up to my girlfriends love bird face down at the bottom of the cage after only 4 days!!! As you can imagine we are shattered because we got this love bird cause he was one of five at the pet shop(aviary bird) and...
  19. T

    How do I feed my Green Cheek Conure eggs?

    Hello! My Green Cheek Conure is 4 months old and he's a picky eater. He's on a seed diet and likes to eat apples. I tried feeding him vegetables multiple times, he licks it but doesn't eat it. Previously I tried feeding him hard-boiled eggs, but he doesn't like that either. Today I cooked him...
  20. B

    Perches and toys, help?

    Hello everybody, I was looking at some new perches and toys for Cookie's cage, but I think I am becoming paranoid... So, most of the current cage accessories are inherited from my dearly missed cockatiel Pachito, but he definitely wasn't as active (destructive) as this little GCC hurricane...