green cheek conure

  1. EllieTheConure

    should i get Ellie's band removed?

    Ellie is starting to get a little bothered by her ID band on her foot. i'd personally like to keep it on her in the case that she flies away, but I also want her to be comfortable and not irritated.
  2. EllieTheConure

    Confusing birdie

    I've had Ellie for three weeks now and she's five, almost six months old. She does this thing whenever I set her on her playset she calls out for me so I walk over to her and she straight up nips at me? it's never a bite bite but it's a firm nibble. I always make sure to read her body language...
  3. F

    Green Cheek Conure has bump on her eyelid

    Hello Parrot Family, I have a yellow-sided green cheek conure, female, 2 yrs old. And I recently noticed that she has this bump swell on her right lower eyelid (pics attached). It will swell up at times and then go back down after a while. I took her to the avian vet but they said it didn't...
  4. 2023-04-07 11.48.06.jpg

    2023-04-07 11.48.06.jpg

    She snuggles up on my shoulder while I work on my laptop
  5. Asa the GCC on her Back

    Asa the GCC on her Back

    We had to learn this trick so I could put a cream on her foot after she got a small burn. But she loves it now!
  6. E

    What is this?

    Since I’ve gotten my sun conure he has always done the behavior in the video. I’ve always equated it to excitement or contentment but now as my pineapple has gotten more comfortable she started doing it. What is it called and why do they do it? Everytime I look it up I just get the head bobbing...
  7. M

    My crazy GCCs won't settle down

    I've recently adopted two green cheek conures (supposedly male and female). One is 10 years old, and the other is about 7. They've been absolutely screaming their heads off from day one, and we've had them for a month now. They have toys (Which they never really use), and spend most of the time...
  8. F

    Old GCC Jealous of New Bird

    I got a second green cheek conure a couple of months ago and the dynamics have shifted between my old GCC and me. Below is what’s going on: My old bird is a 16 year old GCC (M) that was rehomed to me a year ago. My new GCC (M) is only about 5 months old. I’ve had him for about a couple of...
  9. Keb&Penny

    Hi! A big hello from me and my little Penny!

    Hi, I’m Johnny. I recently got a little green cheek conure named Penny (she has 3 months). I’m really happy to join this community and get answer from real people instead of normal internet. I want to thanks everyone in advance for your time and help!
  10. E

    help me please!!

    we used to hold my conure, hartley, a lot and then we got a dog so we don’t hold him as much anymore. my older brother was good with him and held him more than anyone else. hartley had a strong bond with him. however, last year, my brother left for uni and for the first while no one held hartley...
  11. Genieb03

    Cage Aggression Advice?

    I have two conures, a black capped named George (5M) and a green cheeked named Nova (2F). Genders are presumed. The Problem: -Nova is very aggressive. They live in a 7’ tall x 4’ wide x 2’ deep homemade cage. All materials are bird safe and have had zero issues with safety (aside from a light...
  12. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teeko Loves The Legend Of Zelda.

    so, funny story. i decided to clean the room and decided to listen to some Zelda music. and i started the playlist about in 10 mins i turn around to look at Teeko on his cage and he is just bobbing his head back and forth and up and down, with the music. he has never danced before this so its a...
  13. W

    Incredibly Aggressive GC Conure

    My family have had our GCC for around 3 years and he’s always been bitey, I’ve tried training him out of it over the years but nothing has ever stuck. I live with my parents and can’t be sure they’re actually doing what I’ve asked when it comes to the bird and his training, which frustrates me...
  14. M

    How do I stop my young conure from biting?

    Hello guys! I’m new to owning a conure, I’ve owned birds basically my whole life (cockatiels, lovebirds, budgies) so I have a little bit of understanding with these guys. I just got a 3 month old Green Cheek from a bird store about 3 days ago. He seems pretty good with hands and fingers being...
  15. unburiedpup

    What kind of toys should I get?

    I cleaned and organized Aristotle’s cage today since I had no school, but I was wondering; what kinda of toys should I get for him? After all, his cage is mainly perches. (Also, I am going to buy him a bigger cage, but for now he is still using the cage that his previous owner gave to me.)...
  16. unburiedpup

    I got a Green Cheek Conure from my friend and I need help.

    Hi, so I should’ve made this account when I first got him, but last Monday, I was given a Green Cheek Conure by my friend because she wasn’t able to care for him anymore. I named him Aristotle because her family would only call him “bird”. I am trying to ween him off of a seed only diet to a...
  17. M


    My family and I came home from a 4-day vacation last night to find our green cheek of 9 years, Rikki, dead at the bottom of her cage. I called out her name as I entered the house, hoping to hear an ecstatic shriek in response, and instead heard nothing. I went over and she was dead at the bottom...
  18. Yeetsa

    never drawn a bird before, how's this look?

    attempted a drawing of my green cheek. opinion? if mods need proof that I made this, I can provide it. don't know how strict the policies on art are here lol
  19. Yeetsa

    another thread about green cheek biting

    hello, so update for you all! cypress has been doing better! marginally. progress is progress though, and I'm quite proud of him for it. unfortunately, we've run into another problem- we do our training sessions with him on top of his cage, but whenever my hand touches the top when he's not in...
  20. love this funky little guy

    love this funky little guy

    day 6 of having cypress, i think this is pretty good