Why is one of my gc conures so scared of me?


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Jul 15, 2022
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Hi all. I recently got a pair of gc conures about 2 months ago. They are now 4 months old ish. Called bonsai and alphonse

Just some context They were so confident and tame when I picked them up. The lady who was selling them said bonsai was more confident than alphonse but we found it was the other way around. Until about 3 weeks ago. Alphonse is now so skittish. He won’t let us hold him or go near him. Getting him back in the cage is a nightmare. He is more feisty too at times, and aggressive. Bonsai however is so relaxed. Loves to land on u and cuddle etc. does anyone know why this could be? It’s so strange because if I’m eating my dinner alphonse will land on me but any other time he’s terrified?? I try sharing it with him and giving him little treats when we are together to build a bond. I give him lots of toys etc but he just hates me.

The past two days he is now scared of my partner too. Even in his cage he gets scared of us despite being with bonsai who is very happy to be with us. I try to avoid putting alphonse in the cage and just shut it when he goes back in naturally but that’s not always possible

I have no idea what we have done. I’ve never hurt him or shouted at him or anything…..
I have had a gc conure before but just one and she was very very affectionate wanted to be with me 24/7- neither of these two are like that but I assume it’s because they are in a pair?

Please please someone help. It’s getting to the point where I’m debating rehoming him because I hate seeing him so uncomfortable. I just want him to be happy… I’m not expecting cuddles or a ton of affection but just him to not be scared or anxious…..

Sorry this is so long it is really upsetting me.
Also no idea if this is relevant but I’m 27 weeks pregnant…. Could my hormones or something be throwing him off??


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Oct 27, 2016
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Different birds take different amounts of time to settle in. You've only had him for 3 weeks which is a very small amount of time. Continue working on bonding and I am sure he will come around it just takes time. Training sessions really help with the taming process.


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Apr 25, 2020
I think it also has to do with them being a pair. You’re outside of their main relationship. Which is fine but it’s different than your bond with your past conure.

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