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Dec 25, 2022
Green cheek conure
Hello! I’m new to this website after having browsed lots of topics and learned a lot the last few months!!!:)

It appears we are getting a male Green Cheek conure in a couple weeks. I have lots of experience with tamed crows, ravens, magpies, a hawk owl, and wild bird rehabilitation, but have never owned a “house bird” before.

I am wondering if little Birdie will be ok in our smallish (1200 square feet) house with a wood cook stove in the center of it? It is a very efficient and modern stove so should not smoke much. I could keep Birdie in our bedroom but would prefer that he would be in the main family room in order to interact more.

Any thoughts? Thank you so much!!!


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Apr 25, 2020
I’ve visited relatives who had a wood stove or fireplace with my birds. We had no problems.

Of course if it got blocked or was leaking somehow that would be different. But I surely miss having a wood stove or fireplace to cozy up to.


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
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A newer wood stove is commonly very safe from smoke leaking into the home. The goal is that the burn chamber and stack are cleaned professionally at least once each year or more often, depending on use. It sounds like you use your's heavily and that would likely require cleaning more often.
As you know, wood quality is very important to the smooth operation and limit build-up. Most people I know are using hardwood that is at least two full season old, prior to use.
In your case, the most dangerous issue is the hot surfaces of the stove. Burns are painful and require much longer healing time. With Parrots, their very thin skin, it can be serious damaged! Great care must be taken to keep them away from those hot surfaces.
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