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Jun 19, 2013
Hunter Valley, NSW. Australia
Eclectus Parrot: Jiraiya
How well do you know your bird?

I decided it was important for me to write a profile for my bird, not only for myself, but also if I ever need to have someone watch the bird, (or if for some reason the bird ever needs to be rehomed), the caretaker knows more about his background and personality and will better be able to look after him. I'm going to make a whole folder with information to give people when they look after him, including this profile.:)

Writing this profile really made me think about what the real personality of my bird was, the things he likes and disliked etc. It was fun to do! It will always be a Work In Progress as your buddy grows up and changes, or you remember new things about them.

Here is my Profile! I'd love to see everyones. Would be cool to see the different personalities of the birds in a kind of intimate way.

Jiraiya. (Eclectus Parrot) / Pronounced 'jeh-righ-ya. Note: Watch cartoon anime 'Naruto' for pronounciation in a character of the same name who he was named after.

Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
DOB: June 1st, 2013.
Weight: xxxg (need to update)

(If you have more than one bird of same species, can have a section for 'Differentiating Characteristics' so you know how to tell them apart)

Secondary Reinforcers (Things he likes other than normal food. 'rewards')

· Looking inside your mouth
· Poking tongue out at him
· Almonds
· Enthusiastic ‘Good Boy’ and a kiss on beak
· Popsicle sticks
· Playing fetch
· Clicker training
· Small blocks and disks
· Music/singing
· Chatting in shower

Finds Aversive

· Being touched and petted too much
· Hugs
· Putting on Harness
· Being held with both hands over wings and body (hug time)
· Being ignored
· Tap on wings

Behavioural Tendencies

· Loves looking in your mouth but tries to mouth teeth/lip sometimes
· When he wants food, will say words, Dinner, mmm Yum, or do a microwave beep
· Raises his left foot if he wants something
· Opens his mouth and yawns when he wants to see in your mouth
· Wags tail when happy
· Has shown aggression and bitten without any noticeable precursor
· Will try to eat whatever you are eating, can become aggressive if he doesn't get any
· Tears apart most veggies and herbs instead of actually eating any
· When he is excited about training, says Good Boy and gives kisses
· Can become aggressive around treat bowl when starting training if we haven't done it for a while
· He doesn't eat the skin of most food. Grapes, Peas, Corn, apples etc.

Observed Precursors

· Attentive stance with head high and feathers flat against body
· High body posture, swaying
· Growling
· Fluffing feathers
· Eyes pinning
· Lunging and keeping mouth open
· Saying words, No, Stop it, Naughty, Come on.


· April 2015, we were taking Jiraiya for a walk along the beach and making him fly to each other for flying practice and exercise. I had Jiraiya’s harness around my wrist and flew him to [name], when he suddenly changed direction and turned left. The harness slipped off my wrist and Jiraiya took off and flew into a dense patch of bushes. He did not respond to recall. We found him 5-10 minutes later on the ground where he landed in the bushes, chewing twigs. The experience didn’t seem to affect him negatively at all.

Favourite Foods

· Kiwi Fruit
· Almonds
· Chilli
· Green Apples
· Capsicum seeds
· Grapes (Has recently gone off them)
· Sprouts
· Peas and Corn
· Berries
· Persimmons
· Pomegranates
· Pasta
· Bread
· Chicken

Least Favourite Food

· Banana
· Carrot
· Broccoli
· Herbs
(Will be updated..He doesn't eat a LOT of food)


· Wave (left foot)
· Hand Target (touch)
· Target (WIP body specific)
· Fetch
· Recall
· Colours (WIP)
· Piano
· Spin (WIP)


· Says Goodnight and Bed Time when he is going to bed
· Bed time between 7pm-8:30pm
· Says Buh-bye when someone leaves the house

(You could also include a Medical History if there are significant things to write down)

Summary (small up-to-date bio any big life moments)

Jiraiya was hand reared by a Parrot Breeder in [location] and arrived by plane to his 2-person home on 18th August 2013 at apparently 12 weeks old (Never got a confirmation on actual birth date from breeder, even after requesting). He was supposedly weaned before arrival, but for the first week needed to be hand fed baby formula. He arrived from breeder with pellets and has needed pellets as a large portion of his diet to guarantee nutrition, as he is fussy with other food. Chop is the best option to make him eat veggies, though he still tries to pick out his favourite bits.

On 1st March 2015, at 1.5 years old, Jiraiya had his second big move when we moved from [location] to [location] and 2 more humans, 3 cats and a dog joined his family. His cage has had to be moved away from the lounge room as there is limited space in the new house. It caused a lot of screaming in the first few weeks but he is settling in better. His cage is located in a windowed room and he screams to the birds outside. Covering his cage with a blanket usually stops him screaming quickly, and he becomes quiet for the blanket to be removed.

Jiraiya is enthusiastic about clicker training, though when he hasn’t done it for a while he can become aggressive/possessive around the treat bowl and bite your fingers. Start training by reinforcing him to stay away from the bowl and with fingers in bowl touching treats a few times before other training begins.

He hates getting his harness put on, so it must be heavily reinforced but he is getting better and not fighting as much. It is easier as a 2-person job, one holding him so he can't fly away and the other putting on the harness. He doesn't fight when done this way and the harness is put on neatly and quickly. He loves going out for a walk. When he is out, he doesn’t bite or fidget with the harness and he calmly allows strangers to touch him on the walk. After the walk and the day following, Jiraiya is usually in a good mood. Must wrap the harness securely around wrist as he has flown off once before.

He has no serious fear of the cats and has flown over them and walked over them to get something he wanted. He is fine with the dog, but tries to bite his nose when dog comes too close. He has hopped on the dogs back so he could then hop on to the table. Overall a positive experience with other animals so far.
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I love all the information you have included! I have a file box with cards with all my birds in it. I have hatch date or year of birth (if known), Gotcha Date, species,sex, average weight (which I keep updated), medical conditions (if any), and foods they eat. I also have an emergency plan in case something would happen to both my husband and myself. Both of us have a number in our purse/wallet with an emergency number of who to call to take my animals in case of the worst.

I think I will add some more now that I have seen yours, great job!


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Jun 19, 2013
Hunter Valley, NSW. Australia
Eclectus Parrot: Jiraiya
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It's a cool idea to have an emergancy plan like that, I will have to add it to my folder. At the end of the day you are responsible for the bird like a child, and have to think of the worst and consider where will bird go.


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