Zinc Oxide Sunblock?


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Sep 9, 2013
Corona del Mar, CA
2 Lovebirds: 1 male A. r. roseicollis (Whitefaced Violet Mutation) & 1 female A. r. roseicollis (Green Mutation?)
Today I had zinc oxide sunblock on my arms cause I was gonna do some gardening and then like 6 hours later at the end of the day my lovebird was running her beak/tongue along my arms (probably to try to remove freckles...whole 'nother problem) and I realized "CRAP the sunblock!"

Anyone know anything about bird safety & zinc-oxide sunblock? I've wondered before but haven't been able to find much about it online. I know zinc is bad, I was just thinking...it's in small doses? It's zinc oxide not zinc? Let me know your thoughts

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Nov 24, 2010
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Excellent question, but I must admit that since I don't use that much sunblocker, I have not bothered to read the ingredients of the several creams & blockers around the house...probably because I don't physically interact with my birds, without having first showered after handling any chemicals, solvents, bug sprays or things not otherwise good for me or them.....

Without any ready info in my own files, I've been doing some power reading on the subject, in the past couple of hours and, while I could find no answer to your question, I came away with a couple of others, but since we remove zinc oxide from galvanized wire with vinegar, my vote would be for not letting our birds lick us without having showered first.....then there's the question of the soap/body wash.....

Hope this helps even though it didn't exactly answer your question.....

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