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Old 04-21-2019, 08:47 PM
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Re: New, Strange Behaviour?

I don't think there's much you can do about Alexes calling. It's part of their birdality, I think. Mine start calling around 7am and will go on for half-an-hour or so, sporadically. Then, again in the afternoon. Madge is far worse than Barney! A neighbour up the street a few doors has built a two-storey garage/granny flat and it has a huge, uninterrupted wall facing our place. Madge's shriek rebounds off it and I'm quite sure she truly enjoys hearing the sound of her own voice being reflected back to her.

I used to think Madge was very loud. Then I got Rosetta.

Everyone's shriek pales in comparison to the full-throated bellow of a cockatoo! The thing is, watching 'Setta communicating so obviously with the wild corellas makes me wonder if Barney and Madge are calling (in vain) to flocks of Alexandrines somewhere out there in the big, wide world. Like cockies, Alexes are gregarious birds and travel in huge flocks. It's only natural they would send out 'Hellooooo?' calls to locate others of their species. So I just try to ignore it and tell myself to be happy my birds are doing what Nature intended them to do.

Regarding neighbours, well I'm lucky there. Mine on two sides have noisy dogs, so it's a standoff. The third is deaf, so... I don't cover my birds' cages as a punishment or inducement to stop them calling: it's natural and is their only way of expressing themselves. I have planted a row of casuarinas down the back yard and in a few years' time, those should baffle Madge's arvo-echo-seshes. I hope. My only suggestion for you would be to think of ways to baffle Mozzie's cries. You can use thick or plush curtains, or hang blankets at 'those' times of day. You can always try distracting her by having training sessions during the times she's most noisy. DO NOT succumb to the temptation to give her something edible to keep The Beak busy! All that will do is cause her to yell more often to get a treat. That's all I got.

Oh. One other suggestion. You might like to see if Mozzie enjoys being spritzed with water from a spray bottle (on 'mist' and very gently at first). Mine *adore* such a bath, especially at moulting time when they're itchy and irritable. If you have the patience and Mozzie likes it, make sure to spray her until her actual skin is wet. Afterward, you dry her with your hairdryer set on 'warm' and at least a few feet away from her to avoid scorching. My Beaks love the hairdryer as well and will turn themselves into a pair of little green pretzels to get the warm air on exactly the right spots.
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ChocolateChipCookiez (04-22-2019)
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Old 04-22-2019, 05:39 AM
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noodles123 will become famous soon enough
Re: New, Strange Behaviour?

I wasn't saying that to sound like "nah nah nah look what I can do!"--- I simply meant to say that it can be done without a ton of extra effort (from what you are doing currently). When I first got Noodles, I used to tip-toe around the cage before work because I was certain that if I got her out, she wouldn't go back in (and I couldn't pick her up at the time, so I didn't uncover her until I was about to leave and I gave her her chop ect then---out of necessity).
Once she learned to step-up, she was out as soon as I was up. I got bitten a few times because she didn't want to return to the cage, but very very few times overall. If your bird doesn't come out of the cage, it's not like you have to worry about getting him back inside lol

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Old 04-23-2019, 09:44 PM
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Re: New, Strange Behaviour?

Oh no, that's not how I took it at all, no worries!!
Thanks to everyone for all of your help and responses
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