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Old 01-10-2020, 09:06 PM
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Re: Iíve been chosen!!!!

Omega is a female teil that silversage took in from a wonderful young man who had to re-home her. She is lovey, and she posts pictures if her riding on everyone's shoulders! So I think Snoppy will be wonderful either way! Especially since you were chosen!!!
My first GCC Burt the Bird ( thought male, until ten years later she laid an egg!) choose me. She was scruffy , runty and only had one working nostril,.... So I almost choose the pretty one next to her. But a very wise bird keeper came over and said when a parrot chooses you it's a very special thing. She urged me to watch Burt, and see how she wasn't that way with anyone else. I thank you bird lady!!!! We had a wonderful life together.

Congratulations again choosen one!!! And congratulations on Woodstock!!! MBS has been going around the forum lately!!!! Apparently it's even an online virus!!! @@
May your joy be as deep as the ocean, and your sorrows as light as the foam.
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Aavogaro (01-10-2020)
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Old 01-10-2020, 10:23 PM
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Re: Iíve been chosen!!!!

Quote: Originally Posted by texsize View Post
Young Cockatiels have the appearance of female birds until the first molt.
not sure if that holds true of all color mutations but I think it does.
So the grey on the face may change over to all white after first molt.
Whatever you end up with I think the whiteface Cockatiels are stunningly beautiful.

here is a pic of mine
Yes, I have to remember there could be much changing after the first molt although I hope his overall appearance stays close to the same. In my opinion he is so unusual and stunning looking. I canít even find a picture online that looks close to him. Iím doing his photo session tomorrow. lol

Your whiteface is gorgeous!!!! I think they are a beautiful mutation. I am really excited about Snoopy. This will be the first bird I have had that I will have begun bonding with while still being handled. I will be one of only 3 people in his life until he gets to come home with me in a couple months. I hope that helps set up a strong relationship from the start. I already canít wait to go back and visit tomorrow!!!!
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bug_n_flock (01-10-2020), texsize Supporting Member (01-10-2020)
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Old 01-10-2020, 11:50 PM
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Re: Iíve been chosen!!!!

I have 3 Cockatiels that I raised from the egg.
The 2 females are the friendliest Tiels in my flock. When I enter the room Mango starts going zip-zap back and forth for me to notice her. She is a scratch-oholic and so is her sister Angle. They fight for a place at the door and I have to try to scratch both at the same time or there is no peace.
Despite the friendliness of these 2 they wont hang out with me or ride my shoulder.
Cheeky the whiteface in the photo is the father.
cockatiel family :
Lucky (M pied)
Baby (M pied)
Pinky (F lutino) R.I.P.

Sunny mother (cinnamon)R.I,P.
Cheeky father (whitface)
Angel (eldest lutino F)
Mango (middle pearl F)
Popeye (male grey M)
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