1. S

    first bath?

    hi i have a 5 week old alex, i wasnt planning on handraising but "yoshi" was neglected and kicked out of nesting box. i have handraised ringnecks, lorri's and conures before, but this is so different. everything is going well, yoshi is growing, putting on wieght and gaining many feathers. but...
  2. S

    Help Alexandrian that don't leave the nest

    Hello every one this is my first post here and i'm looking for help i've pair of alexandrine parrots they are not tamed, how ever male can accept to take food from hand when there is no nest attached to the cadge the problem is that the male doesn't leave the nest at all only leave it for...
  3. babybirdie


    Hey guys So echo will be two years old in march. He has yet to show a black ring but he has been DNA'd. I don't care if echo is a he/she ( will always be my baby<3) but the breeder did charge me extra for a male. any advice on what i should do ? :green2:
  4. babybirdie

    bump on the side of the beak

    hey guys, so few days ago i noticed that echo has a bump on the side of his beak, below his eyes . I have been monitoring and i don't believe it has grown any or its very small of a growth. However i can definitely feel the bump. I'm just wondering if i should wit to see maybe if it was his him...
  5. babybirdie

    biting feet !

    Guys! echo has been obsessed with his feet lately. He keeps scratching and biting his feet t the point they are starting to bleed. Is there anything i can put on his feet to deter him from doing this ?
  6. babybirdie

    pellet problem

    Hey everyone, So echo has never liked pellets before and hates eating them. Its a mission to get him to eat pellets. He literally doesn't eat for days at a time because he doesn't like them. He will eat almost anything else but not his pellets. I'm just wandering is there any types of pellets...
  7. babybirdie

    seperation anxiety

    Hey everyone So i have a questions, as always :p anyways i believe echo has a small case of separation anxiety because he like to eat when he isnt alone. I have to be in the room for him to eat. I asked the doctor and he said that he has to learn that he cant stop eating when I'm not there so...
  8. babybirdie

    Im really scared . Help ?

    Hey everyone I am actually really worried about Echo. He' shivering alot lately and its not even cold. If you watch him carefully on his stomach you can see the stomach rise and fall a little bit and his tails moving too. He is also scratching his nose alot. Maybe he has something in his nose...
  9. babybirdie

    Alexandrines, Alexandrines and more !

    Hey everyone I had a question for all of you, Echo my alex does this weird thing whens he sin the change. He will go to the top of the cage and hang upside from the roof and then move his neck in thies weird circle fashion. He does it all the time i put him in or he see the ceiling fan on. I...
  10. Echo


    Echo, the baby prince of the house !
  11. Echo


    Echo, the king of the house !
  12. babybirdie

    New !

    Hi everyone ! My name is sara and i just joined this forum. I currently have an Alexandrian parrot named echo and hes almost 2 years old ! I have had various bird over the years such as love birds ( Ying and Yang) , cockatiels ( Jessie and James (from Pokemon :P) , many budgies and an Indian...