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Jun 14, 2014
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Hey everyone,
So echo has never liked pellets before and hates eating them. Its a mission to get him to eat pellets. He literally doesn't eat for days at a time because he doesn't like them. He will eat almost anything else but not his pellets. I'm just wandering is there any types of pellets you guys can recommend that alex are known to like? Right now im using hagens tropican parrot pellets. That's what he has been on since a baby but he still doesn't eta them. Any recommendations ?
Firstly, no offense, I just really hope you're letting him starve himself because he doesn't like pellets. :( I'm sure you aren't, but maybe the wording just had me worried. Pellets aren't something they find in the wild and I'm sure they taste like cardboard, lol.

Have you tried soaking them in 100% apple juice? then if he likes that, slowly over time use less and less then no apple juice. I've heard that works. In the meantime, you can crush them and include them in mash, chop, or birdie bread to make sure he's getting the nutrients. While you do that you can test other pellets.

My fids(the conures) like roudybroush. I give them a bowl of seed and dried fruit/nuts and a bowl of pellets and they'll still eat the pellets also. My pionus doesn't care for it.

My ekkie I had ate ZuPreem natural pellets. :) Hope you find something that works!
You know I have the same issue with my budgies, so I mixed in regular seed just to be safe for now. I was too worried they'd go hungry rather than eat it. I never heard about the apple juice trick, I'll have to try that too. I'm using zupreem though, so most likely it isn't the brand yours hates but probably just the pellet type food itself.
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Lol , don't worry I would never let Echo starve, 1) I love him to much - hes my baby- and 2) If hes really hungry he does his flock screeching which is like needles in your ears so i cant ignore him even if wanted too :p The apple juice might work, i will try it Thank you.
and yes he loves nutiberries, i give him the one with 30 percent pellets, there is any that is higher. I hope he likes the apple juice trick..
Simply if he don,t like don,t insist. Go for mixed grains.feed with fruits n greens. Mix multi vitamins plus electrolytes into drinking water twice a week not daily. Place some wood pieces Alex like to chew n chew all the time.
Try to soak them in apple or orange juice. My birds eats pellets only this way - they wouldn't touch them dry.
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so what i just put them in apple juice and take them out and just offer it to him like that ?
I usually put them in a tiny cup and put just a little bit of juice enough for them to absorb (like 2-3 tbs), for about 10 min. And then I toss it out on the plate and they love them. Try if that would work. I gave up on trying to feed them pellets as their main food. There are no pellets in the wild - so I don't think there is anything too bad in seeds with fresh fruits and veggies! :D

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