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Jun 14, 2014
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Hey everyone
I had a question for all of you, Echo my alex does this weird thing whens he sin the change. He will go to the top of the cage and hang upside from the roof and then move his neck in thies weird circle fashion. He does it all the time i put him in or he see the ceiling fan on. I asked one of my friends who has a conure and she said its cause hes happy, but he hates being put in the cage , so i highly doubt that. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if so what should i do ??
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My ekkie did something like that. He would do it when he was stressed out(during bath time, if he was cornered, etc) but I'm not sure what it could mean for an Alexandrine.

If it's obviously not stress, maybe it's excitement? It sounds like Echo is asking to come out of the cage when he does it. Or maybe the ceiling fan is exciting to him lol.

Mohd, it could be stress related if you just brought him home yesterday. Try not to overwhelm him. I wouldn't see it as an "issue" or a reason to worry, though. Birds copy things they see and sometimes it seems like there's no reason! (Or not a reason we can see.)

Just keep an eye out for any other abnormal symptoms, and make note of what is going on when it happens. (Ceiling fan, maybe something went by the window, you're wearing something new, etc.)
The head swaying for my Alex always happens when he wants something, or is bored. As for hanging, that's one of my bird's favorite past times. He loves to barely hang.
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Ok, So from reading all these post , im thinking its nothing to worry about, the fan just be a trigger or something . THANKS

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